How Far Is Oshawa From Mississauga

how far is oshawa from mississauga


Mississauga and Oshawa, two distinctive cities in Ontario, Canada, offer different lifestyles, histories, and attractions. When planning a journey between these two cities, one might wonder how far they are from each other. This article aims to provide a comprehensive look at the distance from Mississauga to Oshawa, considering various travel options.

Distance between Mississauga and Oshawa in Miles and Kilometres

Geographically, Mississauga and Oshawa are relatively close, located in the same province. Their straight-line distance—or "as the crow flies"—is approximately 78 kilometers (or 48 miles). However, the actual travel distance varies based on the mode of transportation or the path chosen.

Driving from Mississauga to Oshawa

For people who prefer to drive, the popular routes between these two cities typically range from 85 to 98 kilometers, depending on the exact starting location in Mississauga and the destination in Oshawa. The journey usually requires 1-1.5 hours without traffic but can extend further during peak hours or due to construction. Both Highway 401 and Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW), Ontarian main corridors, connect the two cities.

Public Transportation: Bus and Train

Public transportation is another viable option, though it generally takes longer than a direct drive. GO Transit, the regional public transit service, operates train and bus lines between Mississauga and Oshawa. A typical journey by GO Bus takes around 2.5 hours. Conversely, taking a GO Train from Mississauga's Cooksville station to Oshawa would require about 1 hour and 45 minutes, including transfers in Toronto.

Biking or Walking from Mississauga to Oshawa

While it is less common for someone to bike or walk this great distance, it is possible and offers a unique way to experience the cities and the often overlooked areas in-between. Google Maps estimates that biking would take around 5-6 hours, while walking could take up to 17 hours! This journey could offer encounters with Ontario’s rich nature, exemplary of environmental urban integration.

Flying from Mississauga to Oshawa

Although given their geographical proximity, it would be highly uncommon and inefficient to fly between these two cities. But theoretically, if you were to fly (say, with a private jet or helicopter), the flight would be fairly short, likely under 30 minutes, considering the straight-line distance.


Every travel option from Mississauga to Oshawa has its own charm. A drive allows for stops at interest points, public transit provides a stress-free journey, and walking or biking offers an immersive experience albeit requiring more time and energy. The best method truly depends on personal preference, schedule, and purpose of travel. Mississauga and Oshawa, each with its unique cultural signature and urban dynamics, are conveniently connected for residents and tourists alike. Whether you're planning a casual trip or considering relocating, understanding the distance and travel options between these cities can ensure a smoother and more enjoyable journey.