How Much Is Bus Fare In Mississauga

how much is bus fare in mississauga

Understanding the Bus Fare in Mississauga

Mississauga, the sixth largest city in Canada, features a robust and extensive public transportation system, managed by the MiWay. The fare you're charged for riding these city buses depends on several factors, including the type of ticket you opt for, your age, and whether you have certain discounts. Let's dive into each of these options one by one.

Adult Fare

As regular commuters would know, the adult fare in Mississauga tends to fluctuate over time; currently, the cost of an adult fare stands at $3.75 if you're paying with cash. However, you can save by using a Presto card, where the fare is $3.10 per tap.

Youth Fare

For youths aged 13 to 19, a single ride will cost $2.35 with a Presto card. Remember, this isn't viable with cash. You need to have a registered and valid student ID to qualify for youth fares.

Senior Fare

Seniors 65 years and over can travel for just $2.05 with a Presto card. As with youth fares, cash payments are not available for discounted fares - you'll need to pay the full adult fare if you are paying cash and don't have a Presto card.

Children's Fare

Children 12 and under can ride the bus for free in Mississauga. This provision comes as part of MiWay's commitment to foster a more accessible, profitable, and sustainable transit service.

Ticket Types

MiWay provides several ticketing options which also affect the actual cost per ride. You can pay per ride using cash or Presto, or opt for weekly, monthly, or annual passes for unlimited rides within their respective validities. The cost per ride decreases substantially with these longer-term options.


When considering the fare on MiWay, it's also important to consider the system's transfer policy. A Presto card-equipped passenger can use a transfer that's valid for 2 hours from the time of their first tap to travel in any direction on MiWay. It offers great flexibility and can save you money if you plan to make multiple trips within a designated time frame.

Fare Discounts and Concessions

There are supplementary ways to save on MiWay fares. For example, MiWay offers a "Loyalty Program" where you can travel for free after you complete 12 paid trips within the same week (Monday to Sunday). Other potential fare discounts may be available through government programs.

Special Circumstances

MiWay also makes exceptions in its fare policy for companions of people with disabilities, war veterans, and personal care attendants, among others.


Just remember pricing can change, and it's always good to stay up-to-date to ensure you're paying the correct fare. Reliability and accessibility are characteristics of Mississauga’s public transit system, and understanding the fares helps residents and visitors maximize the value they get from using these services. MiWay offers not just a means of transportation but adequately caters to the various demographics residing in Mississauga. As a result, their fare structure is carefully calibrated to remain equitable for everyone, making the city’s buses an increasingly popular option for getting around the city. The fares discussed above were accurate at the time of writing. For the most current MiWay fares, please visit the official MiWay site or purchase your tickets through authorized retailers in the city. The best value will always depend on how often you ride and what discounts you're entitled to.