How Safe Is Mississauga

how safe is mississauga


Located just west of Toronto, Mississauga is known for its charm, community spirit, and vibrant cultural scene. With more than 700,000 residents, it is one of Canada’s largest cities. But how safe is Mississauga? To answer this question, we'll dive into the city's safety statistics, initiatives, and community perceptions.

Crime Statistics in Mississauga

According to the Peel Regional Police, which serves Mississauga, crime rates in the city have largely remained stable or declined in recent years. In 2020, there was a notable drop in break and enters, robberies, and thefts, thanks to citywide strategies and increased community vigilance. The Violent Crime Severity Index, a measure of the seriousness of crimes in a particular area, placed Mississauga below not only the national average but also the Ontario regional average. This shows that the city is generally safe when it comes to violent crimes.

Neighbourhood Safety

Mississauga features a number of neighbourhoods, each with its own distinct flair and safety record. Areas such as Streetsville and Port Credit are known for their low crime rates and strong community vibes. This, along with the excellent amenities and clean public spaces, contributes to residents' feeling of safety in these areas. However, like any city, Mississauga does have areas where crime happens more frequently. It's important for potential residents and visitors to do their research and stay aware, though it's worth noting that even these areas don't compare to high-crime regions in other major cities.

Police and Community Initiatives

Mississauga is served by the Peel Regional Police, one of Canada's most progressive police services. They have several initiatives aimed at maintaining public safety, from targeted law enforcement to community outreach programs. For example, the Neighborhood Watch Program encourages residents to look out for each other, fostering a strong sense of community and safety.

Safety in Public Spaces

Mississauga’s public spaces, such as its parks, waterfront, trails, and shopping centres, are generally considered safe. The city values cleanliness and well-maintained infrastructures as major contributions to public safety. It employs measures like ample lighting, regular patrol, and CCTV in strategic spots to ensure safety in these areas.


While no city is free from crime, Mississauga consistently proves to be a safe place to live, work, and visit. Thanks to community initiatives, proactive law enforcement, and diligent care of public spaces, it boasts a strong safety record. Residents' overall perception of safety and the city's low crime rates add to the peace of mind for those who live in or visit Mississauga. Ensure to stay cautious and aware, but don't let fear keep you from enjoying this vibrant, diverse Canadian city.