What Time Is Iftar Today Mississauga

what time is iftar today mississaugaTitle: "What Time is Iftar Today in Mississauga: Embracing the Harmony of Cultural Traditions"


Mississauga, an essential part of the Greater Toronto Area, is renowned for its cultural diversity and progressive community. One of the city's most valued characteristics is its harmonious blend of different customs, beliefs, and traditions. Among these, the Islamic ritual of Iftar during the holy month of Ramadan holds a significant place. Discovering the timing of Iftar for today, in Mississauga, involves understanding the principles of Islam, the influence of astronomy, and the city's geographical position.

What is Iftar?

Iftar is the meal Muslims consume after sunset during Ramadan, ending their day-long fast. It's a time for celebration, a period of togetherness and shared blessings among family and friends. The precise timing of Iftar changes daily because it is based on the lunar calendar and the local sunset times.

Factors Determining Iftar Time

Several variables dictate the timing of Iftar, primarily the lunar cycles and the geographical location's sunset timing. Since Ramadan follows the lunar calendar, the dates shift approximately 11 days earlier each year. Consequently, the time of Iftar varies each day as the sun sets a few minutes later or earlier.

Calculating Iftar Time in Mississauga

Mississauga's coordinates, 43.5890° N, 79.6441° W, are crucial to determining the exact time of Iftar. Sunset times are calculated based on these coordinates. The local Mecca-based calendar can also be referred to and typically, local Islamic organizations and mosques in Mississauga release their Ramadan calendars with precise timings.

Importance of Iftar in Mississauga

Mississauga, with its growing multicultural community, fosters an environment where different cultural and religious practices are appreciated and welcomed. The tradition of Iftar breaks religious boundaries and fosters inter-community relations. It's become a cultural phenomenon, with several food festivals and public Iftar gatherings organized citywide.


The time of Iftar in Mississauga today can be discovered through local Islamic centers, mobile applications, websites, or by merely calculating the city's sunset timings. The larger spirit of Iftar, however, transcends beyond merely breaking a fast. It embodies a sense of community, understanding, and camaraderie that resonates with the multicultural ethos of Mississauga. To partake in or observe the ritual of Iftar is to immerse yourself in the beauty of diversity, unity, and peaceful coexistence that the city represents.

Resources for Iftar Time in Mississauga:

For the exact Iftar timings in Mississauga, consider visiting the websites of local mosques or Islamic organizations that publish daily Iftar timings. Some recommended mobile applications include Muslim Pro, IslamicFinder, and Al-Qibla. These platforms not only provide precise Iftar timings but also community news, prayer timings, and Qibla directions. With this, the spirit of cultural immersion continues to flourish in Mississauga, magnifying the beauty and diversity of this unique city. Embrace the cultural rhythm of the life in Mississauga by understanding and appreciating the traditions that form its heartbeat. A city's character, after all, is defined by its people, their heritage, and their shared history.