How Far Is Brantford From Mississauga

how far is brantford from mississauga


Located in Southern Ontario, Canada, Mississauga and Brantford are two cities with unique charm and appeal. Exploring Canada and its distinct cities is always an adventure and understanding the distance between them often gives a better perspective. This article will explore the distance from Mississauga to Brantford, geomorphological factors defining this distance, transportation options, and interesting places to visit while at it.

Geographical Distance

Mississauga and Brantford are approximately 100 kilometres apart. This distance can change slightly depending on the route taken and the specific starting and ending points in each city. The most common method of measurement is direct line 'as the crow flies,' but actual travel distance will often be more due to the layout of roads or changes in terrain.

Driving Distance and Time

If travelling by car, the shortest route via ON-403 W from Mississauga to Brantford is around 104 kilometres and would take about 1 hour and 15 minutes under ideal traffic conditions. This route will take you through the bustling city of Burlington, charming town of Ancaster, and across the nature-filled Hamilton region.

Public Transportation

There are several public transportation options available for commuting between the cities. The most notable one is the GO Transit system. The journey by bus involves a transfer at Square One GO Bus Terminal and takes about 2 to 3 hours in total, depending on the waiting time at the transfer station.

Alternative Modes

Apart from the usual car and public bus routes, there’s also the option of cycling or walking. Although not the most conventional choices for such a long distance, these modes could take an experienced cyclist about 4 hours, and a walker approximately 20 hours, adding an exciting challenge for adventure seekers.

Impact of Weather

The Canadian weather plays a fundamental role in the travel experience. During winter, the journey may sometimes take longer due to the impact of heavy snowfall on road conditions. Conversely, during the summer, traffic might be lighter, potentially reducing travel duration.

Site-seeing Attractions En-route

The journey between Mississauga to Brantford is not all about distance and travel times - it's equally enticing considering the range of attractions along the route. Notable points of interest include the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum located in Hamilton, the African Lion Safari in Flamborough, and the artistic community of Dundas.


The distance from Mississauga to Brantford might seem considerable, but it does not compromise the easy accessibility between the two cities. Whether you're commuting for work, leisure, or an adventure in cycling or walking, there are various transportation options available to suit your specific needs. Moreover, the journey itself promises beautiful landscape views and numerous attractions that make it worthwhile.