What Is The Population Of Mississauga Ontario

what is the population of mississauga ontario

Understanding the Population of Mississauga, Ontario


Nestled on the shores of Lake Ontario, forming part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Mississauga, Ontario boasts a rich tapestry of culture, community, business growth, and development. This bustling city is home to an estimated population of over 730,000 residents, making it the sixth most populous city in Canada, according to a 2021 census estimate.

Early Settlers and Growth Trajectory

Mississauga was originally inhabited by the Iroquoian-speaking Wendat people. Its population began to see a substantial increase following the War of 1812, with a wave of British settlers arriving in the area. Thereafter, the city continued to progress at a steady pace, and the population further expanded following World War II due to a surge in immigration.

Immigration and Diversity

Immigration continues to play a significant role in Mississauga's population growth. The city is renowned for its diversity – approximately 52% of its residents belong to a visible minority group. Newcomers are primarily from South Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The multicultural fabric of the city has led to an enriching and dynamic kaleidoscope of traditions, languages, and cuisines.

Youth and Aging Population

When it comes to demographic breakdown, Mississauga showcases an interesting balance. According to data, nearly 22% of its population comprises children under the age of 14, while around 15% are seniors, aged 65 and older. This represents a healthy mix of youthfulness and wisdom, which contributes substantially to the city's social and economic dynamics.

Population Density and Urban Dynamics

Mississauga is characterized by its urban expansion, diverse neighborhoods, and significant areas of economic activity. Its population density stands at approximately 2,467.6 people per square kilometer, highlighting an urban area that is robust yet not overly congested. The city’s growth-oriented urban planning policies have smartly distributed the population across various residential, commercial, and industrial regions.

Population Projections

Mississauga's population is projected to continue its growth trajectory. Predictions suggest that by 2041, the population will increase to an estimated 878,400. The expected population growth is likely to be fuelled by further immigration, increased birth rates, and savvy urban planning strategies focusing on sustainable growth and development.


Mississauga's strength lies in its people. The city's dynamic population, characterized by its diversity and growth, makes it a culturally vibrant, economically stable, and socially enriching hub that continues to attract both Canadians and immigrants alike. Understanding its population helps us appreciate Mississauga's rich cultural tapestry, dynamic community, and its ever-evolving urban landscape.