Who Is Mayor Of Mississauga


Majestically nestled on the shores of Lake Ontario, the vibrant city of Mississauga is Canada's sixth-largest city. It thrives impeccably under the guidance of a resilient administration, whose linchpin is its esteemed Mayor. As of now, Bonnie Crombie champions the Mayor's Office, combining her visionary leadership and unmatched experience in pursuit of the city's betterment.

Who is Mayor Bonnie Crombie?

Bonnie Crombie has been serving as Mississauga's Mayor since December 2014, succeeding Hazel McCallion. With a vigor for public service and a dedication to creating a sustainable, economically robust Mississauga, Mayor Crombie has successfully steered her administration through several city milestones. Born in Toronto, Crombie moved to Mississauga at a young age and considers herself a proud Mississaugan. Before her tenure as mayor, she served in the federal House of Commons as Member of Parliament for the Mississauga—Streetsville riding, establishing a strong framework of expertise in public administration.

Mayor Bonnie Crombie's Tenure

During her time in office, Mayor Crombie has championed various initiatives, the focus of which primarily lies in broad prospects like economic development, infrastructure, public transportation, and urban renewal. She is passionate about transforming Mississauga into a world-class city, a place where people choose to live, work, and invest. Such a commitment is evident in her tireless endeavors, such as the implementation of the Economic Development Strategy and the Climate Change Action Plan. Under Crombie's leadership, Mississauga was recognized as the top mid-sized city of the future in both the Americas by the Financial Times of London.

Mayor Crombie's Community Involvement

Mayor Crombie's involvement in the community extends beyond her role as mayor. She is a prominent voice for over 700,000 Mississaugans, championing her city's interests at the provincial and national fronts. Aside from her public service, Mayor Crombie is also an active participant in numerous local charities and non-profit organizations.

Leadership During COVID-19

As Mississauga's Mayor, Crombie has commendably led the city in the response and management of the COVID-19 crisis. Her swift action in implementing lockdown measures and her relentless advocacy for a regional approach to reopening have significantly reduced the incidence of COVID-19 in the city.

Commitment to Diversity

As one of Canada's most diverse cities, Mississauga thrives off its multicultural makeup. Mayor Crombie's commitment to diversity and inclusion is a linchpin in her leadership, helping to create a welcoming city for everyone, regardless of their origin.


In summary, Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie's stellar blend of visionary leadership, hands-on community involvement, and steadfast commitment to diversity makes her a paragon of municipal governance. Under her reign, Mississauga continues to build on its strengths, growing economically, culturally, and socially into a city of international repute.