How Far Is Windsor From Mississauga

how far is windsor from mississauga


Mississauga and Windsor are two vibrant cities located in the province of Ontario, Canada. Each with their unique features and distinct cultural history, they are pivotal locations for commerce, leisure, and residency. This article critically analyses the distance between Mississauga and Windsor, providing the reader with valuable insights into these cities' relationships.

Factual Distance

Speaking numerically, the actual distance between Mississauga and Windsor is approximately 367.5 kilometers or 228.4 miles, if you're measuring as the crow flies (straight-line distance). However, the distance can vary based on the travel route chosen.

By Road: Highway Travel

The most common mode of travel between the two cities is by road. Considering this, the distance would be approximately 366 kilometers via ON-401 W - which is the most direct route and typically the fastest, with an estimated drive time of 3 hours and 48 minutes in light traffic.

By Road: Scenic Route

If time isn't your primary concern and you're more interested in the journey than just the destination, you might enjoy the scenic route which follows the shores of Lake Erie. This route is around 442 kilometers and could take 5 hours and 30 minutes or more to drive. The route not only offers fantastic views but also goes through historic towns and areas of natural beauty.

Public Transit: Via Rail

Another viable option to travel from Mississauga to Windsor is via rail. VIA Rail Canada operates the train journey between the cities, and the travel time is approximately 4 hours for the 345-kilometer journey. It's a comfortable and environmentally friendly way to travel, though you'll need to check the schedule as departures aren't as frequent as road travel options.

Air Travel

For those who value decisiveness and speed, air travel is an option. There are regular flights from Toronto Pearson International Airport (located in Mississauga) to Windsor International Airport. The flight duration is typically around 1 hour and 15 minutes, marking it as the quickest but also normally the most expensive mode of transport.


The distance between Mississauga and Windsor truly depends on the mode of transport chosen. Whether time efficiency is your priority or you'd prefer a more laid-back, scenic approach, there are myriad ways you can travel from the urban cityscape of Mississauga to the uniquely historic city of Windsor. Make sure to consider all your options before embarking on your journey, as each presents its own set of characteristics and potential experiences.