Who Lives At Ashirwad House Mississauga Road

who lives at ashirwad house mississauga road


Mississauga, Ontario, is a hub of diversity with a rich tapestry woven from the cultures and histories of its residents. One particular residence of interest is the Ashirwad House located on Mississauga Road. As one of the most iconic locations in the city, this house captures the imaginative spirit of the city.

History of the Ashirwad House

Ashirwad House carries a grand and historical heritage. It was originally built by a British settler in the 1800s, seen in its British-Colonial architectural style. Over the years, the house changed ownership several times until it was called Ashirwad House.

Present Day Residence of Ashirwad House

In recent times, the Ashirwad house has been occupied by a privately-held family and information regarding their identity is not publicly-accessible due to privacy laws. However, extensive local rumour purports the house has been a long-term dwelling for descendants of the original settlers, adding to its storied past.

Architectural Distinction of Ashirwad House

Highlighting the aesthetic appeal of Ashirwad House, the home exudes unique British-Colonial architectural features. It incorporates a mix of pointed roofs and extended balconies, jaalis (latticed screens), and an expansive green garden complete with a classic Victorian-style fountain.

Ashirwad House's Significance to Mississauga Community

Aside from being a residential property, Ashirwad House has grown to symbolize a piece of the Mississauga community, taking on urban myth status due to its grandeur and mystery. Some view it as an emblem of the area's historical and cultural richness.

The Fascination Surrounding Ashirwad House

The secrecy surrounding the inhabitants of Ashirwad House only fuels the public’s fascination about the house and its occupants. This intrigue is compounded with rare glimpses of lavish lifestyle from its exterior elements, leading to many theories and speculations about the entities reside within its walls.


While the current residents of Ashirwad House remain a closely-guarded secret, the house itself is a testament to Mississauga's rich multicultural history. This residence is a cornerstone within the city, inspiring intrigue and respect among its community members.