Where Are The Red Light Cameras In Mississauga

where are the red light cameras in mississauga

Understanding Red Light Cameras in Mississauga: Locations and Implications


Mississauga, third-largest city in Ontario is considered a vibrant, fast-paced urban centre earmarked by its diverse cultures, dynamic arts scene, thriving businesses and engaging lifestyle. However, with the city's rapid expansion, the safety on the streets has become a significant concern, prompting the introduction of Red Light Cameras (RLC). The purpose of these cameras is to improve intersection safety by discouraging drivers from violating the red light signal. In this article, we will journey through the city, highlighting the locations of these cameras, their significance and the role they play in Mississauga's traffic management.

Navigating Red Light Cameras in Mississauga

Mississauga's commitment to safer roads has led to the installation of various Red Light Cameras scattered strategically across its intersections.

Burnhamthorpe Road at Duke Of York Boulevard

One of the busiest intersections in Mississauga, it houses one of the city's most crucial RLCs. The high footfall and bustling traffic make this RLC a pivotal addition to ensure public safety.

Hurontario Street at Eglinton Avenue

Being a frequently travelled route, this intersection witnesses heavy vehicle movements. The presence of a RLC here serves as a deterrent for hasty drivers rushing through the red light.

Derry Road at Airport Road

Located near the Mississauga's international airport, the Derry Road and Airport Road intersection is another location fortified with RLCs to regulate traffic flow and encourage safe driving practices.

The Role of Red Light Cameras

The primary function of the Red Light Cameras is to act as a deterrent - discouraging drivers from crossing the intersection once the light has turned red. When a vehicle is detected passing against a red light, the RLC captures photographs that can be used as evidence of the violation.

Significance of Red Light Cameras in Traffic Management

Red Light Cameras play a crucial role in Mississauga's traffic management strategy by significantly reducing the number of right-angle collisions - one of the most severe types of road accidents. Moreover, they also contribute to promoting a sense of discipline among the drivers.


In conclusion, Red Light Cameras function as a silent force, compelling drivers to adhere to traffic regulations and contributing towards the overall safety in Mississauga. Familiarising oneself with their locations not only helps drivers avoid hefty fines but also reinforces the essentiality of respecting traffic laws. They stand as silent guardians of the city, promoting safer road habits and contributing towards a more disciplined Mississauga. Remember, the ultimate aim is not to punish violators, but to prevent accidents and save lives. Understanding the locations of these RLCs and their benefits as discussed in the article is a step towards safer and incident-free roads in Mississauga.