What Was Tangerine Bank Called Before

what was tangerine bank called before

A Peek into the Past: What Was Tangerine Bank Called Before?

Tangerine Bank, one of Canada's leading financial institutions, is known today for its revolutionary online and mobile banking services. However, its journey to the forefront of digital banking has an interesting twist. Before it was Tangerine, the bank had a different moniker. This article will delve into the history of Tangerine Bank, its previous name, and how you can navigate their services today through online banking, mobile app, or through their customer service hotline.

The Birth of ING Direct

What we now know as Tangerine Bank started with a somewhat brighter shade of orange. Before it was Tangerine – it was known as ING Direct Canada. Launched in 1997 as a subsidiary of the Dutch multinational banking corporation, ING Group, ING Direct set out with an ambition to change the banking landscape in Canada.

The ING Direct model was built around a simple concept of 'Save Your Money.' It offered a streamlined banking experience with no physical branches, fee-free accounts, high-interest savings, and a client-centric approach that made it stand out from traditional banks.

The Transformation to Tangerine Bank

The pivotal moment came in 2012 when Scotiabank bought ING Direct Canada. In 2014, to comply with Canadian banking regulations which stated that a bank could not operate in Canada with a foreign-owned parent company’s name, ING Direct was renamed Tangerine.

Transitioning from ING Direct to Tangerine was more than just a name change—it represented an evolution in their continued efforts to innovate. Tangerine Bank has taken forward the legacy of ING Direct by staying committed to providing Canadians simple, flexible, and accessible banking.

Navigating Tangerine's Online Banking

One of the avenues through which Tangerine provides its services is via its online banking platform. It's seamless, intuitive, and convenient, allowing clients to perform transactions from anywhere at any time. Whether it’s opening a new account, making deposits, transfers, paying bills, or setting up a savings plan, all these tasks can be done with a few clicks.

The Tangerine Mobile App

For those constantly on-the-go, Tangerine's mobile app acts as a pocket-sized bank. The interface is user-friendly and offers the same functionalities as their online banking, with the added convenience of mobile check deposits. From quick views of your account balances to detailed transaction histories and cheque deposit via photo, conducting banking affairs through the Tangerine mobile app is effortless.

Reaching out to Tangerine's Customer Service

While digital platforms have significantly simplified banking, sometimes human interaction is necessary. Tangerine's customer service professionals are available through toll-free numbers to assist customers with all their banking needs, add another layer of convenience, and uphold the bank's mission of delivering the utmost customer experience.

Whether it’s ING Direct or Tangerine, the heart of the bank remains the same. The name might have changed, but the commitment to providing a seamless and customer-oriented banking experience has only amplified.