Where To Exchange Old Currency

where to exchange old currency


Currency, where values change as fluidly as currents in an ocean, the tool that powers global trade, and a testament to a nation's economic strength. It's not uncommon for people to possess old currency from various countries, whether it's from travels, an inheritance, or a simple hobby. But where can one exchange old currency? This article explores the various options available.

Local Bank

A local bank is often the first place people think about when they want to exchange old foreign currency. Most prominent banks will accept old banknotes and coins and convert them into the current legal tender. Keep in mind, banks may charge a fee for this service and the rates may not be as competitive as other options.

Currency Exchange Services

Currency exchange bureaus accept old money and can be found in most major cities - offering this service along with others related to foreign currency operations. They usually offer better rates compared to local banks. However, they also might charge a fee for the service.

Online Currency Exchange Platforms

The advent of the Internet has made everything easier, including the exchange of old currency. Online platforms such as Leftover Currency and Cash4Coins accept old currency, offering competitive rates and real-time updates on the value of the money. The process is straightforward - you send your currency and receive the new currency or a bank transfer.

Foreign Origins Bank

If you reside in a country of the old currency's origin or plan to visit, consider exchanging it in the local bank there. This option often offers the best rates as it cuts out the middlemen and direct exchange is generally more favourable.

Antique Dealers and Collectors

For those who are in possession of very old or rare currency, an antique dealer or currency collector might be interested. Rare and old currencies can carry significant value amongst collectors, more typically than their face value. Websites like eBay can be a platform for such transactions.

Charitable Donations

Certain charities accept old currency donations. Charities can bulk deposit their collected currency and receive the equivalents in the local currency. For instance, UNICEF's Change For Good program collects unused foreign currency from travelers.


Exchanging old currency can be a bit daunting due to the constantly fluctuating rates and the different mediums available. However, if taken the right steps, one can dispose of their old currency while getting the maximum possible advantage. Whether it's aiding your travel budget, adding to your collection of coins, or funding important charitable work worldwide. Remember, old currency may not always conform to the face value or current exchange rates. Seek professional advice and explore all options before making any decision. By staying informed and knowing your options, you can ensure that your old currency is put to best use.