Where To Exchange Currency In Buenos Aires

where to exchange currency in buenos aires

Where to Exchange Currency in Buenos Aires: A Comprehensive Guide


Transacting in the dynamic, buzzing Buenos Aires doesn't have to feel like you're navigating through a foreign labyrinth. This guide aims to bring you insights about currency exchange points in the city, bringing you one step closer to a smooth and hassle-free journey.


Banks are typically the go-to places for currency exchange for their reliability and reputable standing, all while offering competitive rates. In Buenos Aires, Banco de la Nación Argentina and Banco Piano tend to be favoured by travellers.

Cambio Offices

Cambio offices, renowned for their competent rates, are scattered throughout Buenos Aires. Some popular ones include Arbol Solo, Maguitur and Alpe Cambio. Be sure to check operating hours and bring your passport for identification purposes.


Modern travellers find joy in the convenience of withdrawing local currency from ATMs. Buenos Aires hosts a grand network of ATMs, most notably ServiRed, Link, and Banelco that offer reasonable conversion rates.


If convenience tops your priority, look no further than Buenos Aires' airports. Both Ezeiza International Airport and Jorge Newbery Airfield host numerous currency exchange counters. However, bear in mind that these tend to offer slimmer exchange rates and may charge higher fees comparatively.


Many upscale hotels in Buenos Aires offer currency exchange services for their patrons. Despite the convenience, these tend to be pricier with less competitive exchange rates compared to banks or cambio offices.

Peer-to-peer Apps

In the age of digital finance, platforms like TransferWise and Revolut have emerged to revolutionize currency exchange. With transparency as their mantra, such apps offer real-time exchange rates, stripping it down to the bare minimum.

Exchange Houses in Florida and Lavalle Streets

These streets in Buenos Aires are lined with several reliable exchange houses, providing competitive rates. Do not hesitate to compare rates between houses to score the best deal.

Online Exchanges

Considered as modern gateways for currency exchange, platforms like XE.com and OANDA are popular for offering live currency conversion rates. These platforms serve as valuable guides to navigate the market dynamics and determine the best time to exchange your currency.

The Blue Market

The unofficial currency market of Buenos Aires, dubbed the 'Blue Market,' is another place to exchange foreign currency. Here, exchange rates are often considerably higher than official channels, but it is crucial to operate with caution due to its unregulated nature.


There's an array of currency exchange venues in Buenos Aires ready to serve your needs. From traditional banks, cambio offices, trendy peer-to-peer apps, to even roving the bustling 'Blue Market', Buenos Aires invites you to dive into its financial culture and make the best out of your capital. With this guide, it is hoped that you're more equipped to face the city's currency exchange landscape. Happy trading and enjoy Buenos Aires! Remember, even amongst fluctuating numbers and foreign lands, one can find a suitable place to exchange currency with a little guidance and planning.