How To Exchange Old Uk Currency

how to exchange old uk currency


The Guardian of Currency Exchange welcomes you to the realm of currency transformation. This comprehensive guide will illuminate the path for those presently seeking methods on how to exchange old UK currency. No leaf goes unturned as we explore the intricacies surrounding this process, and acquaint you with some of the best practices and measures to ensure you get stellar exchange rates, and minimum service fees.

Understanding UK Currency

Before we delve into the process, it is important to understand what we mean by old UK currency. The United Kingdom has had a rich history of monetary changes, with currencies like the pound, shilling, and pence featuring prominently. However, post-1971, with the decimalisation of the British pound (GBP), older coins and notes were slowly phased out.

Exchange at the Bank of England

A direct, and often most uncomplicated method of exchanging old UK currency, is through the Bank of England. They offer a free service where you can exchange old currency, including banknotes that are no longer in circulation. While this becomes an in-person task for those residing within the UK, international applicants can mail their currency, with the equivalent value credited to their accounts.

Engage the Services of Currency Exchange Bureaus

Currency exchange bureaus are an accessible alternative for people residing outside the UK. Bear in mind, though, that while these institutions offer the convenience of multi-currency exchange, this typically comes with attached service fees and less favourable rates compared to central banks.

Utilize Online Exchange Services

With the digital age, numerous websites offer currency exchange services at your fingertips. Platforms like Leftover Currency and Cash4Coins operate by allowing users to mail their old currency, and receive their exchange digitally. While this method is convenient, always ensure you choose a reputable company for the best exchange rates and to minimize the fees.

Bid Them in Auctions

For certain old UK currency, especially ones in good condition or rare issue, auctions could offer a lucrative avenue. Online platforms like eBay or specialized numismatic auction houses may fetch considerably higher prices for your old currency than face value.

Make Charitable Donations

Donating your old UK currency to charity is noble and relatively hassle-free. Organizations like UNICEF, The Royal British Legion's Poppy Appeal, or BBC Children in Need accept old currency, making it a selfless manner of offloading outdated cash.


As the Guardian of currency exchange, I have unravelled some of the best ways to deal with old UK currency. From reaching out to the Bank of England, researching currency exchange bureaus and online services, to exploring auction platforms and making charitable donations. Just remember, the key in all these methods is ensuring you understand the process comprehensively and taking all precautions before bidding your old UK currency farewell.