Where To Exchange Currency In Thailand

where to exchange currency in thailand


As the Guardian of currency exchange, I have gathered cogent insight into the world of foreign exchange and its many platforms. In this informative and engaging article, we journey to the enchanting land of Thailand, exploring various ways and places to exchange your currency with teasers to both well-known and hidden gems.

Thailand Banks

Thailand banks are typically the most reliable and safe platforms for currency exchange. Prompt, professional and with stringent security measures, they are an excellent choice to exchange your dollars, Euros, Pounds, or Yen to Baht. Some popular and widely trusted banks in Thailand include Kasikorn Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, and Bangkok Bank, among others.

SuperRich Currency Exchange

Endorsed for providing competitive exchange rates, SuperRich is a celebrated foreign currency exchange company in Thailand. Operating since 1965, this foreign exchange merchant graces Bangkok with numerous branches and offers superior exchange rates for a wide array of currencies.

Vasu Exchange

Tucked away within the bustling streets of Bangkok, Vasu Exchange is a less known but equally trustworthy currency exchange platform. Their exceptional service and attractive rates, especially for Euros and Dollars, make them a favorite amongst experienced travelers.

Airport Currency Exchange Bureaus

Those who wish for immediate exchange upon landing will find various airport currency exchange bureaus in Thailand’s airports. Major airports such as Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang International Airport host several exchange bureaus like SCB Bank and Kasikorn Bank. However, be wary, as airport rates are often less favorable compared to downtown outlets.

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)

ATMs in Thailand are plentiful and can offer decent exchange rates. However, be prepared to incur certain fees for overseas withdrawals. Be vigilant of potential security risks such as skimming devices. Informing your bank beforehand about your travel plans can ward off any inconveniences related to flagged foreign transactions.

Thai Post Office

An often overlooked spot for currency exchange, Thai Post Offices, offer reasonable exchange rates. Conveniently accessible and reliable, though limited in foreign currencies, it's an option worth considering, especially in less urbanized areas.

Hotel Exchange Services

Most hotels in Thailand provide currency exchange services. Be cognizant that their rates are usually lesser than banks or local currency exchange outlets. With their ease and convenience, they are fitting for tourists needing immediate Baht for short distance travel or minor expenses.

Online Currency Exchange Services

Digital revolution has impacted currency exchange as well. Online services like DeeMoney offer competitive rates, minimal transfer fees, and home delivery options. Be sure to check the legitimacy of the site and its security measures.


Exchanging currency in Thailand encompasses a rich repository of options – banks, local currency exchange outlets, airport bureaus, ATMs, Post Offices, hotels, and online platforms. The choice, ultimately, knits together convenience, available rates, and security considerations. Remember, as the guardian of currency exchange, the key is being informed and prepared. Enjoy your journey to the beautiful Kingdom of Thailand and may favorable exchange rates shower upon you.