Where To Exchange Currency In London

where to exchange currency in london

Where To Exchange Currency in London: A Comprehensive Guide


Currency exchange is a crucial aspect one cannot ignore while travelling to London from abroad. The city of London houses several places where travellers can exchange their native currency into pounds sterling. However, each place has its unique advantages and disadvantages that can significantly impact the value one gets. Let's explore these options to help you make an informed decision.


When travelling to London, first consider exchanging currency at your local bank before your trip. Banks often provide safe, convenient transactions and often offer much lower fees than other currency exchange spots. However, bear in mind that exchanging currency at banks usually requires advance planning because it may take a few days for the transaction to complete.


ATMs offer the easiest and most practical solution for currency exchange while in London. They typically give you the best exchange rates compared to other options because they use the wholesale exchange rate. There is an abundance of ATMs across London, from airports and shopping centres to small convenience stores. However, you should be mindful of the surcharges or foreign transaction fees charged by your bank or the ATM network.

Travel Money Exchanges

Travel money exchanges, or bureaux de change, are widely available in and around London. You'll find them in international airports, major train stations, and large shopping centres. These places provide a quick and easy way to exchange your money, but they typically charge higher fees or offer less favourable exchange rates.

Online Money Transfers

For those who prefer to plan ahead or wish for the convenience of digital transactions, online money transfers are an excellent option. Many firms like TransferWise, Revolut, and CurrencyFair offer competitive exchange rates and lower fees. Their user-friendly platforms make it simple to manage your money and track your transactions.

Exchange Bureaus in London

Several independent currency exchange bureaus operate in London, such as Thomas Exchange Global and ACE-FX. They offer competitive exchange rates, particularly if you pre-order online. However, be cautious of bureaus promising no commission fees as they often hide their profits in their exchange rates.

Post Office

In addition to providing postal services, the UK Post Office also offers foreign currency exchange. They propose competitive rates, especially when ordered online. You can either collect the money from a post office branch or have it delivered to your home.

Using Credit or Debit Cards

Using your credit or debit card abroad is another viable option. It offers convenience, as most London stores accept card payments. However, be mindful that your bank might charge foreign transaction fees for every purchase and offer less favourable exchange rates.


In conclusion, options for currency exchange in London are myriad. Each provides different benefits, from the ease of transaction, security to competitive exchange rates. Thus, analyze what works best for your needs and plan accordingly before embarking on your journey to London. Armed with this comprehensive guide, you are ready to tackle your currency exchange needs in the heart of the UK. Choosing the best place to exchange currency in London is an essential step towards a hassle-free, enjoyable stay in the city. Safe travels!