Where To Exchange Currency In Taiwan

where to exchange currency in taiwan


Welcome to the mystic world of currency exchange, where we navigate the realms of numbers, market dynamics, and global finance. Taiwan, a nation known for its diverse culture, technological prowess, and busy night markets, often finds itself at the global crossroads. For travelers headed to this fascinating island, understanding where to exchange currency is vital knowledge. Join me as we traverse this complex domain and learn about the most secure, cost-effective, and convenient ways to exchange your money in Taiwan.


Banks are traditionally the first choice for most travelers seeking currency exchange services. Taiwan's banking sector is robust, efficient, and offers a higher degree of security. Major players such as Bank of Taiwan, CTBC Bank, and Cathay United Bank have numerous locations across the country and offer competitive exchange rates. However, banks may levy service charges or require account opening for currency exchange, which might not be ideal for short-term visitors.

Post Offices

Post offices in Taiwan offer foreign exchange services at over 1000 locations countrywide. They are easily accessible, even in remote areas, providing a convenient option for travelers. Rates are often competitive and service charges low, making them a viable alternative for those wary of expensive bank fees.

Airport Currency Exchange Stations

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and other major airports in the country offer currency exchange services, presenting an immediate solution upon arrival. While convenient, airport exchanges generally offer less favorable rates due to high operating costs and lack of competition.


Many hotels in Taiwan provide currency exchange services for their guests. It's a convenient in-house option, especially if you are tight on time. However, hotel exchange rates are not usually as favorable compared to what banks or exchange offices offer due to mark-ups for added convenience.

Online Currency Exchange

As we move further into the digital era, online currency exchange platforms are emerging as a compelling choice. Services simplify currency trading and offer competitive rates. Platforms such as Wise, Revolut, and CurrencyFair are among the popular choices for online currency exchange. Several of these platforms even provide mobile applications to facilitate real-time tracking and transactions.

Credit and Debit Cards

Using credit or debit cards for payments while traveling is becoming increasingly common. It provides the convenience of cashless transactions with competitive exchange rates. However, be sure to check with your bank about foreign transaction fees as these may affect your overall spending.


Withdrawal from ATMs is another convenient way to obtain local currency. In Taiwan, ATMs are widespread and many accept foreign cards. They often use favorable interbank exchange rates, but a foreign transaction or withdrawal fee may apply.


As we've explored, there are numerous options for currency exchange in Taiwan. The choice depends on a balance between convenience, cost-effectiveness, and security. Banks, post offices, and ATMs often provide the most reliable service with competitive rates but may involve fees. For convenience, airport exchange stations, hotels, and credit cards can be good options. Meanwhile, the future of currency exchange lies in online and mobile platforms with their ease of use and real-time data tracking. As you venture into Taiwan's vibrant landscapes and bustling cities, let this guide serve as your compass in the world of currency exchange.