What Atms Can I Use With Simplii

what atms can i use with simplii


In today's digital era, where transactions have shifted from physical banks to the seamless world of online, Simplii Financial provides a convenient banking experience. Simplii Financial is a no-fee direct banking brand of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC). It offers various banking services, including an extensive ATM network. This article will explore the ATM options Simplii offers its customers and how customers can utilize these ATMs through online banking, the mobile app, and customer service.

ATM Options with Simplii

Simplii Financial customers can use CIBC ATMs across Canada free of charge. At these ATMs, you can handle standard transactions such as cash withdrawals, deposits, bill payments, and account balance inquiries. In addition, Simplii customers can use non-CIBC ATMs, but service fees may apply.

Online Banking

Simplii's online banking offers a secure, user-friendly platform that helps customers manage their accounts without visiting a physical store. Using the website's built-in ATM Locator tool, you can quickly find the nearest CIBC ATM. With an Internet connection, customers can access this feature from any device—seamlessly blending convenience and functionality.

Mobile App

Apart from online banking, Simplii puts banking power at the fingertips of its customers through its mobile app. The app integrates the ATM Locator tool, enabling users to find the closest CIBC ATM on the go. The mobile app also allows customers to carry out several transactions such as depositing cheques and sending Interac e-Transfers. The Simplii Financial Mobile App is available for download on both Android and iOS devices.

Customer Service

In the event you need assistance with ATM services or are unable to locate an ATM, Simplii's exceptional customer service is readily available. You can speak with a representative over the phone, who can guide you on ATM usage or locate the closest CIBC ATM. Alternatively, you can use the secure messaging feature available on the Simplii website and mobile app to send an inquiry.


Simplii Financial endeavours to create an efficient banking experience. By offering a secure network of ATMs and digital banking options, it ensures customers can conduct transactions with ease. Whether you prefer online banking, mobile banking or the traditional method of reaching out to customer service—Simplii provides numerous avenues for you to locate and use ATMs.