Simplii Bank Draft How Long

simplii bank draft how long

Simplii Financial Bank Drafts: A Comprehensive Guide

In the modern world of digital banking, Simplii Financial has excelled in providing its customers with state-of-the-art banking services. Among them is the provision of bank drafts. This article aims to guide you on how long a Simplii Bank Draft takes through three different options specified: using online banking, the mobile app, and calling customer service. Let's dive in!

Online Banking

Online banking is arguably the most convenient way to get a bank draft, especially with Simplii Financial’s intuitive platform. A bank draft is typically processed within one business day after your request. To request a bank draft online, log into your account on the Simplii Financial website. Go to the 'Transfers' section and follow the prompts. Remember that a fee applies for this service unless you hold a specific account that waives such fees.

Mobile App

When you're on the move, using Simplii Financial's mobile app for your banking needs can save you time and hassle. The processing times for bank drafts requested via the mobile app are similar to online banking. One business day is what it takes. To request a bank draft, log into your Simplii Financial app. Navigate to 'More Services' and then choose 'Bank Draft'. Follow the instructions that will come up next. Keep in mind that, just like online banking, a fee may apply.

Call Customer Service

Suppose you're more comfortable requesting your bank draft with a real person’s help. In that case, you can always call Simplii Financial customer service. They are available to assist you 24/7. First, identify yourself and your account. Next, you'll be asked for the recipient's full name and the exact amount of money you're transferring. Lastly, they will inform you of the process and the fee involved. Processing times may vary, but it typically doesn't take more than one to two business days. Feel free to ask the representative for more specific time frames.


Obtaining a bank draft from Simplii Financial can be a straightforward process thanks to its variety of options. Whether you choose to use their online platform, mobile app, or customer service, you can receive your bank draft within one to two business days. Remember, though, fees may apply depending on your account type. Now, go ahead and confidently select the option that suits your preferences and needs best!