How To Cancel E Transfer Simplii

how to cancel e transfer simplii

How to Cancel an E-Transfer in Simplii: A Comprehensive Guide

Whether by accident or through a change in plans, people sometimes need to cancel e-transfers. This guide will provide a detailed walk-through of how to cancel an e-transfer with Simplii. We'll explore the options offered to users — through online banking, the mobile app, and through a customer service call.

Option 1: Online Banking

With Simplii's user-friendly online platform, you can easily manage and cancel pending e-transfers. Here's how :

  • Sign into your Simplii Bank online account.
  • Navigate over to the Payments and Transfers tab.
  • Click "Interac eTransfer History".
  • Choose the transaction handling eTransfer you want to cancel and click "cancel".
  • Verify the cancellation.

Ensure that you review your pending e-transfers frequently to cancel them before the recipient deposits the funds. Once an e-transfer has been deposited, it cannot be reversed.

Option 2: Mobile App

If you're on the go or prefer managing your accounts through your mobile, Simplii's Mobile Banking app is just as efficient. Follow these steps:

  • Log into your Simplii Mobile Banking App.
  • Locate and select "Interac e-Transfer" from the menu.
  • Under the "pending" section, find the e-transfer you wish to stop.
  • Click on 'cancel' and confirm the cancellation.

Similar to online banking, cancellations cannot be performed once the recipient has deposited the e-transfer.

Option 3: Call Customer Service

If you're not tech-savvy, or need assistance, Simplii's customer service is ready to assist. Here’s how you can cancel an e-transfer:

  • Contact Simplii Customer Service at 1-888-723-8881.
  • Request to cancel an e-Transfer.
  • Provide the necessary details to the representative (account information, transfer details etc).
  • Wait for cancellation confirmation.

Take note that this option also comes with the same limitation: if the transfer has been deposited, it's too late to cancel.

Credit to Simplii's digital banking system, it has been made easy to conduct e-transfers, and just as easy to cancel them, ensuring convenience and peace of mind. Keep an eye on your transactions and act promptly if a cancellation is needed.


When it comes to cancelling an e-transfer, Simplii has you covered. Whether you're using online banking, their mobile app, or calling their customer service, you have easy', reliable options at your disposal. Keep yourself secure and aware, always double-check every e-transfer before hitting send.

Familiarize yourself with these steps and you'll handle your transactions with ease and confidence.