How Long Does Simplii Hold Cheques

how long does simplii hold cheques

Understanding Check Holding Periods at Simplii: Your Guide to Online Banking, Mobile App, and Customer Service

Are you an account holder at Simplii Financial, curious about the check holding periods involved with your banking transactions? Knowing transit timeframes can be crucial, especially if you rely on your funds for essential expenses or financial plans. Here, we'll break down how long Simplii holds checks for and walk you through various options – online banking, the mobile app, and by calling their customer service.

Overview of Simplii's Check Holding Policy

Simplii Financial, like other reliable financial institutions, adheres to the check holding policy dictated by the Canadian Payment Association. Generally, this standard allows the bank to keep funds from deposited checks on hold for up to five business days. However, several factors could cause this duration to vary, such as account history, the check amount, or the source of the check.

Online Banking: Check Holding Information at Your Fingertips

Online banking is a convenient way to monitor your banking activities, including understanding the timelines surrounding your check deposits. Once you login into Simplii's online banking platform, you can check the status of your deposited checks in the 'Account Details' section. You'll be able to see if the check is being held and, if so, when the funds will be available. Online banking offers 24/7 access to this information, so you can plan your finances accordingly.

Mobile App: Experience Seamless Banking On-the-Go

The Simplii Financial Mobile Banking app also provides its customers complete control over their financial activities, including determining the hold period for deposited checks. The easy-to-navigate app allows users to deposit checks by snapping a picture of the check and following the app’s prompts. Upon depositing, the app will provide information about the hold period and the date the funds will become available. For specific queries, the in-app support feature can be used for further assistance.

Customer Service: Personalized Assistance

For customers requiring additional help, Simplii's dedicated customer service team can offer personalized assistance. Simply dial their toll-free number, and you'll be connected to an experienced representative who can answer any queries regarding check hold times and policies. This valuable service can be utilized 24/7, providing the necessary assistance whenever you need it.


Understanding Simplii's check holding protocols helps manage expectations and mitigate potential financial hiccups. Through their online banking platform, mobile app, and customer service, you have the necessary tools and support to navigate these areas of your personal finance journey effectively.

So whether you're depositing a small or large check, you'll rest easy knowing you have multiple platforms to utilize and receive information promptly. Simplii Financial continues to deliver seamless banking experiences, putting essential data directly in the hands of the customers – right where it should be.