How To Get Direct Deposit Form Simplii

how to get direct deposit form simplii

How to Set Up Direct Deposit with Simplii: A Step-by-Step Guide

Simplii Financial is a no-fee online bank that provides its users with a variety of convenient banking methods. One of these is the option of setting up direct deposit. Direct deposit provides an easy and safe method for having paychecks or other recurring payments deposited directly into your account. Below, we take a detailed look at the different ways you can set up direct deposit using Simplii's online banking, mobile app, and customer service.

Simplii Online Banking

For those who prefer using their computer for banking transactions, Simplii's online banking portal offers an easy process to set up direct deposit.

  • After logging in, navigate to the 'Account Services' section.
  • Select the account in which you want the direct deposit.
  • Click on 'Direct Deposit Form' which will generate a pre-filled form with your account details.
  • Print and submit this form to your employer, or whoever will be making the direct deposits.

Using the Simplii Mobile App

Simplii's mobile app allows you to set up your direct deposit with just a few taps. Offering convenience and ease, this is an excellent option for tech-savvy users or those on-the-go.

  • Once logged in, tap on the 'More' tab.
  • Under 'Banking', select 'Direct Deposit'
  • Choose the account you want to have funds deposited into.
  • The app will generate a pre-filled form, which you can then email directly to your employer or whoever needs it.

Contacting Simplii's Customer Service

If you're not comfortable with setting up the direct deposit on your own, or if you simply prefer human assistance, Simplii's customer service is always ready to help.

  • Call Simplii’s customer service number.
  • Speak to a representative, letting them know you want to set up direct deposit.
  • The representative will guide you through the process and email you a pre-filled form, which you can then hand over to your employer.

In conclusion, setting up a direct deposit with Simplii can be done in various ways to suit different preferences and needs. Whether you prefer to bank from the comfort of your computer at home, use your smartphone on the move, or enlist the assistance of Simplii's friendly staff, you can rest assured knowing your funds will be securely transferred into your account.