Who Owns Koho

who owns kohoWho Owns Koho: A Comprehensive Guide to Ownership, Features, and Support


With the rapid digitalization of banking services, non-traditional financial institutions like Koho have become increasingly popular. But as we entrust these institutions with our hard-earned money, it's essential to understand who's behind them. So, who owns Koho, and what services do they offer? In this article, we will explore the answers to these questions, providing insights into the owners, the array of online banking services, the mobile app, and customer support that Koho offers.

Who Owns Koho?

Koho is a Canadian fintech company that redefines our approach to personal finance. Koho Financial Inc. was founded in 2014 by Daniel Eberhard and is privately owned. With a host of high-profile investors, like Portag3 Ventures, Koho has established its footprint in the Canadian financial marketplace.

Koho's Online Banking Services

You can easily manage your financial matters through Koho's robust online banking platform. Here are its key features:

  • Real-Time Spending Insights: Koho provides real-time updates on your spending, helping you to manage your finances better.
  • No Hidden Fees: Unlike traditional banks, Koho presents a transparent fee structure with no hidden charges.
  • Savings Goals: You can set savings targets and track your progress in achieving these financial goals.

Koho’s Mobile App

For those who prefer navigating their financial matters on-the-go, Koho offers a mobile app that is just as functional as its online platform. Key features of the Koho mobile app include:

  • User-Friendly Interface: The app is designed with user experience in mind, making it easy to navigate through different features.
  • Round-Up Feature: Similar to a digital change jar, the app rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar, storing the extra change in a separate account.
  • Enhanced Security: Security is a priority for Koho, and the app has procedures in place to ensure your financial information is protected.

Contacting Koho's Customer Service

If you need assistance with Koho's services, their customer service team is ready to help. You can contact them through both traditional and digital channels. Here's how:

  • Via Phone: Reach out to Koho's customer service team via their toll-free number for timely and effective communication.
  • Through the Mobile App: You can seek assistance directly from the app. It offers live chat support that connects you with their representatives.
  • Online: Visit Koho's official website to access a comprehensive FAQ section or submit an online form for email support.


While Koho is a relatively new entrant in the financial services industry, it is backed by a reputable ownership team and offers robust features through its online banking platform and mobile app. With transparent policies and a commitment to customer convenience, Koho is poised to redefine modern banking. Whether you prefer banking online, on your mobile, or speaking to a customer service representative, Koho has got you covered. This accessibility, coupled with the knowledge of who's behind Koho, empowers users to handle their finances confidently and conveniently.