How Does Koho Make Money

how does koho make money

How Does Koho Make Money: A Deep Dive into The Banking Revolution

Modern banking has revolutionized the way consumers manage their finances, and one of the primary game-changers in this sphere is Koho. This digital banking platform offers a comprehensive suite of services, leveraging the convenience of technology to offer unparalleled financial solutions. But how does Koho make money? Let's delve deeper to understand its revenue model while exploring its online banking, mobile app, and customer service facilities.

Understanding Koho's Revenue Model

Koho's business model defies the traditional norms of banking, emulating a fintech start-up more than a conventional banking institution. The platform doesn’t rely on consumer-facing costs like account fees or minimum balances. Instead, they derive their revenue primarily from interchange fees that are charged to merchants whenever a transaction is processed with a Koho card. This innovative operational model, coupled with their digital-first approach, has contributed to their growing popularity.

Online Banking with Koho

Koho’s online banking platform offers a seamless and intuitive user experience. Accessible from any computer with an internet connection, it presents a comprehensive view of account information, transaction history, and financial tracking tools. Koho's users can transfer money, pay bills, and even access the round-up savings feature online, providing a truly convenient and secure banking experience. Additionally, the absence of brick-and-mortar overheads further bolsters Koho’s potential profits.

Navigating Koho's Mobile App

The Koho mobile app takes the convenience of digital banking further, making financial management a swift, on-the-go process. With features like real-time spending notifications, budgeting tools, and direct deposit routing, it's a one-stop-shop for personal finance. The app also facilitates depositing cheques digitally, performing inter-account transfers, and connecting with other financial services. Adapting to the mobile banking trend, Koho continues to make money through the interchange fees while offering innovative solutions for modern users.

Reaching Koho's Customer Service

Keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront, Koho extends round-the-clock customer service. Users can access help through a dedicated in-app chat, social media platforms or via phone. While this service may not explicitly contribute to their revenue, it indirectly aids in it by driving user engagement and retention. A happy and satisfied customer is more likely to make frequent transactions, ultimately increasing the interchange fees collected by Koho.


Cutting-edge technology and customer-centric philosophy underpin Koho's operational strategy, providing a unique banking experience void of conventional constraints. By consistently putting users' convenience first and nurturing a transparent revenue model, the platform has established itself as a change-maker in the financial landscape. Through their online platform, mobile app, and dedicated customer service, Koho has successfully illustrated how being different can indeed be profitable.