How Do I Speak To Someone At Koho By Phone

how do i speak to someone at koho by phone


The driving force behind Koho's financial platform is their commitment to customer assistance and communication. Although they are primarily centered around their digital platform, they have also accommodated those who prefer more traditional communication methods like telephone calls. This article will explore the various options to contact Koho, focusing on their online banking service, mobile application, and direct phone line. Let's delve into these alternatives one by one.

Contacting Koho Through Online Banking

The first and most convenient way to reach out to Koho is via their online banking. After you have successfully logged in to your Koho online banking account, locate the Help Center or Support section. Here you'll find an array of commonly asked questions and can seek further assistance using a chat feature or by sending a message to their support team. It's always a good idea to check the FAQ section first, as it might already contain the answer to your query.

Utilizing Koho's Mobile App

The Koho mobile app is another incredible tool for users to engage with their customer service. By clicking on the 'Help' or 'Contact us' feature under the settings menu, users can communicate their concerns with Koho's support team. Live chat is often available within the application during business hours and ensures that worried customers get immediate and precise responses.

Contacting Koho Directly by Phone

For those who prefer having a more direct line of communication with customer service, Koho can be reached by phone. It's important to note that the call center’s operating hours may be limited and during peak times, there might be a slight delay due to high call volume. Always ensure to prepare your account-related queries beforehand to facilitate a more efficient conversation.

To get in touch with Koho by phone, dial their customer service number. After the automated message, select the relevant prompts to speak to someone from the Koho team. Remember, the phone service is designed to deal with a wide range of queries and concerns, so don't hesitate to use this method if you are comfortable speaking to someone directly.


In conclusion, Koho offers a versatile range of options for customers to connect and communicate with them. Whether you are tech-savvy or traditional, you have the liberty to choose the means that suits you the best. Remember, getting in touch with customer service can be done within a few clicks, or you can reach for your phone to have a direct conversation. No matter the medium, Koho ensures a responsive and supportive experience.