Who Is The Mayor Of Scarborough

who is the mayor of scarborough

The Mayor of Scarborough: An In-depth Exploration


The role of the mayor is integral to local government, shaping the future of their municipality through their visions and actions. In the Greater Toronto Area, Scarborough is a diverse and culturally rich area that forms a significant part of Toronto's east end. As such, the mayor of Scarborough is essentially the Mayor of Toronto, a responsibility currently held by John Tory.

John Tory: A Brief Overview

John Tory, who is currently serving his second term, is a popular figure in Toronto's political landscape. A born-and-bred Torontonian, he brings a significant amount of experience to the role. Prior to his mayoral bid, he had a successful career in law, business, and broadcasting. He has also served as a community volunteer and leader.

Tory's Connectivity with Scarborough

Despite not being from Scarborough, Tory has shown a keen interest in its socio-economic development. He has always focused on maintaining a positive and cooperative relationship with the diverse demographic profiles that are representative of the area. Several of his developmental projects are aimed at improving Scarborough's public transportation, community safety, job creation, and affordable housing.

Major Achievements in Scarborough

One of his most notable projects in Scarborough is the Scarborough Subway Extension. This massive development aims at replacing the aging Scarborough RT with more accessible and reliable transit options. This project can significantly impact Scarborough's overall development, improving not just transportation but also promoting business growth and local employment.

The Mayor's Vision for Scarborough

Tory's vision for Scarborough is part of his broader plan to maintain Toronto as a rich, culturally diverse, and prosperous city. He acknowledges Scarborough's unique character, offering opportunities and challenges that need tailored approaches. His focus remains on building sustainable neighbourhoods, promoting small businesses, addressing affordability issues, and fostering a sense of community.

A Mayor for All of Toronto

John Tory is often described as a unifying force, a mayor for all of Toronto, not just for downtown. His policies and actions reflect a commitment to address the needs of the entire city, including Scarborough. In his own words, Scarborough is not merely a suburb but rather an integral part of what makes Toronto a great world city.


John Tory, as the Mayor of Toronto and by extension, the Mayor of Scarborough, works towards fostering inclusive growth and development for all residents. His vision emphasizes that Scarborough is not just Toronto's eastern district, but its heart, illustrating the importance of local communities in shaping a city's global image. His mayoral tenure continues to make an indelible impact on Scarborough's cultural fabric and urban dynamics.

Note: Information on municipal leadership and current policies is current as of this article's publication. For the most recent information, refer to the City of Toronto's official website.