What To Do In Scarborough This Weekend

what to do in scarborough this weekend

Unlock the Weekend Fun: Top Things to Do in Scarborough

Inviting blue skies and a cornucopia of recreational activities beckon in Scarborough. From panoramic views of Lake Ontario to contemporary urban landscapes, there's always something to do in this exuberant corner of Toronto, especially as the weekend approaches. Let's start our ultimate guide to the Scarborough's treasure trove.

I. Experience Natural Bounty at Scarborough Bluffs

Begin your weekend by immersing yourself in the beauty of the Scarborough Bluffs. This beautiful strip of waterfront is home to nine parks and is the perfect place to enjoy the spectacle of Scarborough's natural grandeur. From picnicking, birdwatching, to enjoying a serene and scenic hike, Bluffs has it all.

II. Take a Plunge in History at Scarborough Museum

Peek into Scarborough's rich cultural tapestry by spending your afternoon at the Scarborough Museum. Meander through the voluminous historic exhibits and artifact collections, tracing the lineage of the First Nation people, up to Scarborough’s evolution into an immigrant hotspot.

III. Shop Local at Scarborough Farmers' Market

On Saturday morning, join the local community at the Farmers' Market. Smell the freshness, soak in the vibrant color palette, and engage with the producers while exploring the plethora of healthy edibles, home goods, and crafts.

IV. Unleash Your Artistic Flair at the Scarborough Arts

Whether you have a flair for painting, adore photography, or love to craft, Scarborough Arts provides a perfect platform to express your creativity. The gallery hosts weekend art classes and exhibitions that will inspire the artist in you.

V. Dine in Style at Scarborough Town Centre

The Scarborough Town Centre is replete with a variety of dining establishments. Whether you crave succulent steaks, spicy Asian dishes, or a quick snack, the STC offers a broad array of sumptuous gastronomic delights to satiate your foodie cravings.

VI. Revel in Tranquility at Toronto Botanical Garden

Experience an oasis of serenity amid the urban cacophony by visiting the Toronto Botanical Garden. Explore the lush flora, walk through the aromatic trails, or sit back and watch the splendid butterflies—perfect for a Sunday morning.

VII. Let Loose at Laser Quest

Kids or adults, everyone will have a blast at Laser Quest—an epitome of high-tech, heart-pounding action fun. Engage in a friendly laser tag battle and make some unforgettable memories.

VIII. Immerse in Vibrant Nightlife at Bluffs Gallery

As the sun sets, experience the vibrant nightlife at Bluffs Gallery. This entertainment venue hosts a range of public performances, music nights, and other fun-filled events, ensuring an animated end to your weekend. Indeed, be it for residents or visitors, Scarborough abounds with endless local experiences and attractions to explore over the weekend. This guide gives you a taste of the unique blend of natural beauty, urban buzz, and cultural richness that defines Scarborough. This weekend, step out and enjoy the best that Scarborough has to offer.