Scarborough Movie What Happened To Laura

scarborough movie what happened to laura


Scarborough is a captivating movie that delves into the complexities of forbidden love and the resulting repercussions. The movie exhibits the raw realities of life and relationships through a captivating storyline set in the beautiful locale of Scarborough, UK. The consequences of aimless passion in youth through the lives of two couples left viewers both intrigued and unsettled. Among the two narratives that intertwine, the question that echoes louder is — what happened to Laura?

The Allure of Laura: Character Exploration

Laura, portrayed by Jessica Barden, is a pivotal character in Scarborough. Her relationship with her older, karate teacher boyfriend, Daz, forms a significant part of the plot. A vulnerable teen with her own baggage, Laura is portrayed as a figure teetering between her adolescent naivety and the harsh realities of life. Barden impeccably displayed Laura’s life, which navigated through the complexities of forbidden love, building a longing curiosity about her fate.

Engaged in Forbidden Love

The secrecy shrouding Laura's relationship with her older lover, dangerously bordering on legality, provides a peculiar tension in the movie. The movie brilliantly showcases the couple trying to seek solace within their restrained love, exploring their feelings within the confinements of a seaside resort in Scarborough.

Unraveling the Truth: Laura’s Journey

‘Scarborough’ showcases the path Laura navigates fraught with love, lies, and heartbreaking realizations. While viewers are left in suspense, there are some key points that hint towards Laura's conclusive fate. Her character experiences a transformative journey whereby she fluctifies between moments of love, regret, and eventual independence.

The Disentanglement from Daz:

The heart of Laura's storyline is her relationship with Daz. It's a learning arc for Laura, who eventually realizes the unhealthy nature of her association with Daz. In a heartbreaking scene, Laura breaks ties with Daz, which seems symbolic of her breaking away from the shadows of her past and stepping into an independent self.

Laura’s Evolution: A Walk towards Self-Realization

Laura's life takes a drastic turn with the dissolution of her relationship with Daz. Her transformation and growth, fueled by this heartbreak, lead to her eventual self-realization. She is seen taking bold steps towards independence, learning to live for herself.

The Relationship Complex: Aftermath and Closure

Post-separation, Laura, a high-spirited dreamer, finds herself amidst the harsh realities of life. However, with an unwavering resilience, she turns her life around, learning to accept her decisions and their repercussions graciously. Her journey of self-discovery and self-liberation culminates the storyline on a hopeful note.


The movie 'Scarborough' explores the intricacies of forbidden love and its aftermath vividly through the character of Laura. Her evolution from a silent sufferer to a determined young woman forms the crux of the plot. The movie leaves Laura's fate to viewers' interpretations. However, one thing is certain, Laura's courageous journey of self-discovery and acceptance in the face of adversity has touched many hearts and will continue to resonate with its audience for years to come.