How To Go To Scarborough Town Centre By Bus

how to go to scarborough town centre by bus

Navigating Public Transportation: How to Reach Scarborough Town Centre by Bus

Nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Toronto, Scarborough Town Centre is more than a shopping mall; it's a major suburban transit hub and a community hotspot. Whether you're a local yearning for some retail therapy or a tourist exploring this aspect of Canada's urban lifestyle, you need to know how to traverse the city effortlessly. Here, we're evaluating multiple bus routes you can utilize to access Scarborough Town Centre from different parts of the city.

Option 1: TTC Route 129

Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) operates the city's public transportation. Route 129A, one of the bus services offered by TTC, is your straight shot from Old Finch Avenue to Scarborough Town Centre Station. Operates every day, this route provides a consistent and reliable means of reaching Scarborough. From Scarborough Town Centre Station, it's just a short walk to the mall.

Option 2: TTC Route 134

Another ample choice is TTC’s Route 134. Starting from the Progress Avenue and Sheppard Avenue, this bus travels east and southwest respectively. Throughout its journey, the bus covers significant ground in the city and provides plenty of boarding opportunities for passengers intending to visit Scarborough Town Centre.

Option 3: GO Transit Route 92

For those coming from Oshawa, the 92 bus route is worth considering. Operated by GO Transit, this route encapsulates a wider travel area extended to Durham Region. After a scenic ride through the suburban sprawl, this bus route deviates at York Mills Subway Bus Terminal, where passengers can transfer to TTC’s Route 95 that takes you directly to Scarborough Town Centre.

Option 4: Using a Transit App

Make use of various transit apps available for real-time scheduling and routes. Apps like "RocketMan", "Transit" or "TTC Watch" provide real-time tracking of each bus, expected arrival times, and even delay notifications. Any of these will be ideal to get detailed and interactive transit instructions to Scarborough Town Centre.

Option 5: Transfers and Combinations

At times, direct bus routes may not be available due to your starting point, operational changes, or just to meet your preferences like taking the scenic route. In such cases, consider combining bus, subway, and streetcar services or using transfer options. For instance, the subway line 2 Bloor-Danforth can be used to reach Kennedy Station, from where you can hop onto bus 43 or 190 to reach Scarborough Town Centre.

Concluding Thoughts

Reaching Scarborough Town Centre by public bus is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of traveling. Not only does it allow you to bypass city traffic, but it also provides a chance to mingle with locals and experience Toronto's bustling routine. Whether you're commuting for shopping, dining, or entertainment, make Scarborough Town Centre your go-to place.

As a bonus, you’ll witness varying urban landscapes of Toronto and perhaps stumble across hidden locales to explore along the way!

Now that you have these bus routes at your disposal, why not take the plunge and navigate your way to Scarborough Town Centre? Safe travels!