How To Get To Scarborough Bluffs

how to get to scarborough bluffs


Scarborough Bluffs, a gem of Toronto, is a stunning geological formation offering scenic beauty matched by few other corners of the world. Covering 15 kilometers of Scarborough's waterfront, this haven of natural splendor offers breath-taking views, serene hiking trails, and tranquil beaches. Here’s how you can get to this beautiful vista.

Option 1: By Car

Driving to Scarborough Bluffs is one of the most convenient ways to access this incredible location. From Downtown Toronto, the trip takes about 30 minutes. Head east on the Gardiner Expressway, continue on to Don Valley Parkway and follow Kingston Road until you reach the area. There is parking available at several entrances along the Bluffs, but beware that it's limited and can fill up quickly on sunny weekends.

Option 2: By Public Transportation

Toronto’s public transit system, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), offers direct routes to Scarborough Bluffs. From downtown Toronto, take the subway Eastbound Line 2 towards Kennedy. Disembark at Kennedy Station and catch Bus 12 towards Kingston Road. Exit at the Brimley Rd at Kingston Rd stop and then a short walk will bring you to the Bluffs.

Option 3: By Bike

For the more adventurous, bike to Scarborough Bluffs which is part of the ‘Waterfront Trail.’ The route is accessible, safe, and offers a scenic ride; you'll sure be rewarded with a picturesque journey through Toronto's east-end greenspaces and waterfront spots.

Option 4: By Guided Tour

If you prefer a guided approach, consider joining a tour group to the Scarborough Bluffs. Several tour operators in Toronto offer trips to the Bluffs, including transportation, safety briefings, and the added bonus of knowledgeable tour guides. Some tours also include additional stops at other local attractions.

Option 5: By Taxi or Rideshare

For those who prefer a more private mode of transport, taxis or rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft service the Scarborough Bluffs area. The cost of your trip will depend on distance and demand level, so prices may vary.

Parking at Scarborough Bluffs

There are three major parking lots in the Scarborough Bluffs area - the Bluffers Park, Beaches Park, and Cathedral Bluffs Park. Ensure to arrive early, particularly during warm weather months, as parking can be competitive.


Whether you choose to drive, bike, or use public transportation, getting to Scarborough Bluffs is an enjoyable experience in its own right. Once you've arrived, make sure to take time to explore and take in the natural beauty of this unique gem in the heart of Scarborough. With its panoramic views of Lake Ontario and its dramatic, towering cliffs, the journey to Scarborough Bluffs is one that is sure to create lasting memories. Do remember to leave the environment as you found it, ensuring this marvel can be enjoyed by generations to come.