When Does Scarborough Town Centre Close

when does scarborough town centre close

Exploring the Operating Hours of Scarborough Town Centre: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction Scarborough Town Centre, a leading shopping centre located in the heart of Scarborough, Toronto, Canada, has unarguably become an urban icon. It represents Scarborough's brand of bustling life in commerce, retail, dining, and entertainment. Knowing its hours of operation empowers you to optimize your shopping or leisure time. Let's delve into its working hours and much more.

Standard Opening Hours of Scarborough Town Centre

The usual operating hours vary depending on the day of the week. From Monday to Friday, the Centre typically opens at 11:00 AM and closes at 7:00 PM. On Saturdays, shoppers can enjoy an early start as the Centre opens at 9:30 AM and shuts down at 7:00 PM. On Sundays, the Centre operates from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The weekday hours are structured to cater to the peak movement times in Scarborough, synchronizing with both office hours and school run schedules.

Holiday Operating Hours

The holiday season usually sees a modification in the traditional working hours. For special occasions and public holidays like Easter, Canada Day, Christmas Eve, and Boxing Day, the Centre often extends its closing time to accommodate the anticipated increase in shopper traffic. However, it's worth noting that the Centre is usually closed on Christmas Day and New Year's Day. All changes to default working hours during holiday seasons are typically posted on the Centre's official website and social media platforms.

Restaurant and Cinema Operating Hours

The wonderful thing about Scarborough Town Centre is its diversity in providing not just shopping amenities but also dining and entertainment options. The restaurant and cinema hours may slightly differ from the shopping department. Some restaurants open earlier and close later to cater to breakfast and nightcap crowds. The cinema timings depend on the movie schedule and typically extend beyond the Centre's general operational hours, allowing movie-goers to enjoy late-night shows.

Impact of Covid-19 on Operating Hours

The global pandemic had a notable impact on Scarborough Town Centre's regular operating hours. To ensure public safety and health, the Centre needed to make adjustments in response to government directives and for thorough sanitization. Many stores operated at reduced hours and some businesses like cinemas were temporarily closed. It's advisable to stay updated through the official website or contact individual stores for the most accurate information considering the uncertain times of the pandemic.

Understanding Special Events Influence

There are times during the year when Scarborough Town Centre organizes special events like community fairs, fashion shows, and product launch events. On such occasions, the Centre might extend its operating hours to allow visitors to make the most of their experience. It's a good idea to subscribe to the Centre's event calendar to not miss out on any fun and potential late-night shopping.


The operating hours of Scarborough Town Centre are designed to offer maximum convenience for visitors, providing a friendly and flexible shopping environment. Understanding these hours not only helps in planning visits but also builds a sense of community, as the Centre is an emblem of Scarborough's vibrancy and character. Always check the Centre's official platforms for the most current hours and information, and enjoy all it has to offer in retail, dining, and entertainment. Unquestionably, whether morning or evening, Scarborough Town Centre is always ready to welcome you.