How To Get To Scarborough Bluffs Lookout

how to get to scarborough bluffs lookout

Navigating Your Way to Scarborough Bluffs Lookout: The Ultimate Guide

With its stunning views of Lake Ontario and surround nature, Scarborough Bluffs Lookout is a must-visit destination in Toronto's east end neighborhood of Scarborough. This guide will help you navigate your way there with ease and enjoyment.

By Car

If you're traveling by personal or rental car, the journey to Scarborough Bluffs Lookout is straightforward. First, navigate your way onto Kingston Road until you reach Brimley Road. Then make a right onto Brimley Road South. Follow the road downhill and proceed until you reach the park entrance. Parking is available at several points in Scarborough Bluffs Park. Last but not least, remember to pay for parking as it is enforced from 8 a.m to 6 p.m.

By Public Transit

Toronto's public transit system, TTC, offers routes with minimal walking distance to the lookout. The 12 Kingston Rd bus operates from Victoria Park Station. You can ride the bus until the final stop, which is an 8-minute walk to the park. Alternatively, the 135 Gerrard bus from Main Street Station can drop you at Kingston Rd at Scarborough Rd, which is approximately a 20-minute walk to the bluffs. Remember, the TTC is a cash-free transit provider. So, make sure you have a PRESTO Card or a ticket as they are no longer accepting cash, tokens, or tickets.

By Bike

Toronto has an extensive network of bike lanes and trails making this a viable option. Cyclists can connect to the Waterfront Trail and follow it east until you reach the Bluffs. Bike parking is available in Bluffer’s Park, near the marina, and additional bike racks are located throughout the park for you to secure your ride while you explore by foot.

By Foot

For those living in or near Scarborough, hiking can be the best option. The Bluffs are part of an interconnected network of parks, so you can hike the trails starting from Rosetta McClain Gardens, via Sylvan Park on to South Marine Drive Park, and finally to Scarborough Bluffs Park. It’s a beautiful and peaceful walk but do be prepared, it may take a couple of hours to reach the Bluffs.

By Rideshare or Taxi

If you prefer something more private and convenient but you don't have a personal car, using a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft or hailing a taxi can also get you to the Scarborough Bluffs Lookout. Simply key in "Scarborough Bluffs Lookout" as your destination and the app or taxi driver will navigate the rest. This is a more expensive option but can get you directly to the Bluffs and back.

By Boat

Finally, for those who prefer to approach by water, you can do so by boat. The Bluffs marina, located at the far east side of Bluffers Park, offers transient mooring for visitors. Ensure that you are aware of the boating channels as there are specific areas boats cannot venture due to shallow water or conservation efforts. An online boating guide of the area would be beneficial.

Whatever method you choose to reach Scarborough Bluffs Lookout, the trip is undoubtedly worth it. As always, remember to respect the environment and maintain the beauty of the Bluffs for future visitors to enjoy. Happy travels!