What Percent Of Brampton Is Indian

what percent of brampton is indian

Exploring Brampton's Indian Population: A Cultural and Demographic Investigation


Brampton, a city located within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), has long been a thriving hub of multiculturalism. Its diversity is a fundamental part of its cultural identity. One ethnic group, in particular, the Indian community, has significantly shaped Brampton's demographic, social, and cultural landscape.

Brampton's Demographic Overview

Situated in the Peel Region, Brampton is the fourth largest city in Ontario and the ninth-largest in Canada. Based on the 2016 Census, Brampton's population is approximately 593,638, revealing a remarkable 13.3 percent increase from 2011. The city's rapid growth can be attributed to the influx of immigrants choosing Brampton as their home.

The Indian Community in Brampton

Based on the 2016 Census data, around 261,705 Brampton residents identified their ethnic origins as East Indian. This significant figure represents approximately 44% of Brampton's total population, showcasing the influential presence of the Indian community. This segment will delve into the reasons behind this demographic trend, the cultural impact of this community, and how it shapes Brampton's identity.

Cultural Migration and Its Impact

The historical immigration pattern ties back to the 1970s when significant economic reforms in Canada opened its doors for immigrants. The subsequent influx of Indians, predominantly from the state of Punjab, effectively laid the foundation for future waves of familial and economic migration. Resultantly, Brampton evolved into a city where Indian traditions, festivals, languages like Punjabi, Hindi and Gujarati, and cuisine are integral parts of the local culture.

The Socioeconomic Influence

The Indian community's influence extends beyond culture; it significantly contributes to Brampton's socioeconomic fabric. The Indo-Canadian community is actively involved in various fields, including healthcare, IT, transport, small businesses, and the culinary scene. Besides, as a crucial voter base, this group also plays a critical role in the local political landscape.

Effect on Brampton's Real Estate Market

The demographic composition has also shaped Brampton's real estate market, with many Indian families pioneering suburban growth. Large single-family homes are particularly appealing to multigenerational Indian families, which has driven the demand for such properties. The community's strong social network also attracts future immigrants to Brampton, leading to a continuous growth cycle.

Brampton: A Cultural Mosaic

The Indian community's fundamental role in shaping Brampton's identity does not imply homogeneity; instead, it adds to the city's vibrant cultural mosaic. The city is home to various other ethnic communities, including Black, Filipino, Italian, and Portuguese, each contributing to its multicultural fabric.


Brampton's strong Indian presence is evident in its vibrant Punjabi Bhangra dances, the colorful Diwali celebrations, and the aroma of Indian spices wafting from numerous restaurants. The community, making up approximately 44% of the population, enjoys a sense of belonging and continues to enrich the city with its cultural wealth. Understanding this demographic trend helps appreciate the tapestry of diversity in Brampton and the integral role of the Indian community in shaping its cultural, social, and economic narrative.