How Much Is Brampton Transit With Presto

how much is brampton transit with presto

Understanding the Brampton Transit Fares with PRESTO

Brampton is one of Ontario's most vibrant cities with a rich cultural history and bustling urban lifestyle. One of the veins that keep the heart of the city ticking is the Brampton Transit system and Presto—a unified fare system. This article seeks to enlighten you about the Brampton Transit fares charged when using the PRESTO Card.

The Basics of Brampton Transit With PRESTO

PRESTO is an electronic fare system that offers a simple, convenient, and secure way to pay for public transit across various services in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, Brampton included. By using a PRESTO card, passengers can transfer seamlessly across different public transit systems, including Brampton Transit, with the swipe of a card.

How Much is Brampton Transit with PRESTO?

The cost of commuting on Brampton Transit using a PRESTO card varies based on the age group of the commuter. As of 2022, an adult fare (ages 20-64) is $3.00 per ride. With a monthly pass costing $124.00.

The Student Fares

Students (aged 13-19) pay $2.55 per ride on their Brampton Transit trip using a PRESTO card. The cost of a monthly pass for students stands at $107.00.

The Seniors and Children Fare Structure

Senior citizens (65 years and older) and children (ages 0-12) experience further fare concessions. The senior fare is $1.60 per ride with a monthly pass costing $52.00. As a boon to assisting families in their daily commute, children aged 12 and under travel for free on the Brampton Transit system.

Fare Integration for Transfers

PRESTO Card users transferring from Brampton Transit to other transit systems like the TTC within a two-hour window from the time they first tap on, won't have to pay the full second fare. They'll get a discount of 50.3 cents if they are adults and 43.7 cents if they are seniors or students.

Brampton Transit PRESTO Loyalty Program

EXPRESS, as the Brampton Transit’s loyalty program, introduces a fare cap to commuters. After 14 trips within a week (Monday to Sunday), all additional trips within that week will be free of charge.

Accessibility Concession

The CNIB cardholders, War Veterans, and individuals accompanying a person with a disability possessing an "Attendant Card" can ride Brampton Transit for free.

The Perks of using PRESTO

Using the PRESTO card for Brampton Transit does not only standardize and simplify fare payment across various transit systems but also offers several benefits to customers. From the convenient auto-load feature that ensures commuters never run out of funds for a ride, to creating a safer cashless transit environment, PRESTO cards provide efficiency at its finest. Brampton’s transit system with PRESTO ensures that getting about the city is a smooth journey. With varying fare options catering to all age groups' needs and affordability, the Brampton Transit system and PRESTO card make commuting a hassle-free experience. Remember, the fares discussed are subject to change and it's always prudent to check the official Brampton Transit or PRESTO websites for the most current information.