How Many Indians In Brampton

how many indians in brampton

Indian Community in Brampton: A Growing Presence

Overview of Brampton

Nestled in the Greater Toronto Area, in the province of Ontario, Canada, Brampton is an alluring city characterized by its rich multicultural fabric, impressive transit system, thriving economy, and a kaleidoscope of cultural and community events. Known as the “City of Flowers” due to its blooming greenhouse industry, Brampton, is also recognized for its rapidly growing Indian population.

The Indian Population in Brampton

Active, vibrant, and important contributors to the city's ethos, Indian Canadians make up a significant percentage of Brampton’s demographic and have immeasurably influenced its cultural panorama. According to the 2016 Canada Census, of the city's total population of 593,638, the South Asian community, predominantly Indians, is pegged at around 44.3%, over 260,000 people. This figure represents an increase of approximately 14% from the previous 2011 census.

Influence of Indian Culture

The influence of Indian culture in shaping Brampton's identity is undeniable. This can be seen in the city's food scene which offers an array of Indian delicacies, its lively festival calendar featuring Indian celebrations like Diwali, and even the media landscape with prime-time slots on local radio and television stations dedicated to Indian content.

Why are Indians attracted to Brampton?

Various factors have contributed to the city's appeal among the Indian diaspora. Affordability of housing relative to the rest of the GTA, efficient public transit connections to Toronto, and a strong job market, particularly in sectors like healthcare and IT where Indians have historically found employment, are among the key reasons. Further, the sizeable existing Indian community in Brampton provides new immigrants a certain sense of familiarity, and eases their transition in a new country.

Impact on Brampton's Education

The growth of Indian population has also had an impact on Brampton's education sector with schools offering Punjabi language classes and competitive Cricket, a popular sport among Indians. Sheridan College in Brampton has become a hub for international students, particularly from India, strengthening the city's educational portfolio.

Indian Contribution to Brampton's Economy

Indians in Brampton play a vital role in boosting the city's economic growth through entrepreneurship, mainly in small to medium sized businesses across sectors such as retail, food services, and real estate.


Indeed, the Indian community in Brampton has significantly influenced many aspects of the city, making it a vibrant multicultural hub. Their continuous contribution in the fields of economy, culture, and education has added much value to Brampton, making it an even more attractive place to live, work, and play. As the city continues to grow and evolve, the Indian community will no doubt remain a crucial part of Brampton's rich and diverse fabric.