How Many Houses In Brampton

how many houses in brampton


The suburban city of Brampton, Ontario, has seen significant growth over the years, with its real estate market representing a critical part of this evolution. But just how many houses are there in Brampton?

Understanding Brampton’s Housing Growth

As per the Census profile from Statistics Canada, Brampton had approximately 156,141 private dwellings in 2016, a notable increase from previous years. However, due to the city's rapid development, the current figures will be considerably higher.

The Boom of Brampton's Housing Market

The city has seen an explosion in its real estate market, with a significant increase attributed to diverse demographic factors, including a surge in population and a consequent demand in the housing market.

Types of Houses in Brampton

Brampton's housing landscape is diverse, offering a range of options, including detached homes, townhouses, semi-detached homes and condominiums. Each type of housing caters to different residential needs, helping to create a dynamic and diverse community.

Detached Houses in Brampton

Detached houses represent a significant fraction of Brampton's residential reservoir, offering an attractive option for families seeking ample living spaces and yards.

Condominiums in Brampton

Condos are growing increasingly popular, especially among young professionals and first-time buyers. They provide affordable alternatives to traditional homes and are typically located in urban areas offering convenience and a thriving social environment.

Semi-Detached Houses and Townhouses in Brampton

Semi-detached houses and townhouses bridge the gap between detached houses and condominiums. They offer more space than condos while being more affordable than detached homes, suiting those looking for space without breaking the bank.

Brampton’s Future Housing Development

Inspired by its strategic growth, Brampton plans to build around 43,000 new residential units by 2041. This means the city will witness significant transformation and development, providing ample opportunities for residents and investors.


The exact number of homes in Brampton is challenging to pinpoint due to ongoing development. However, the upsurge in population and demand for diversified housing indicate a significant increase from the 156,141 private dwellings recorded in 2016. As Brampton continues to grow and attract more residents, the rise in housing options remains a dynamic element of the city's evolution.