How Many Indians Live In Brampton

how many indians live in brampton


Brampton, a city located in the Greater Toronto Area in Southern Ontario, Canada, is a wonderfully diverse and vibrant city. This city has witnessed a significant increase in its population over the years, largely due to the surge in immigration. The South Asian community, specifically Indians, forms a substantial part of Brampton's cultural fabric.

Population Overview

According to the 2016 Census by Statistics Canada, a total of 593,638 people reside in Brampton. With an impressive growth rate of 14.8% since the previous census in 2011, Brampton stands as one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada.

Indian Community in Brampton

Brampton is richly endowed with multicultural diversity with a significant percentage of the population originating from India. As per the 2016 Census, the Indian ethnic origin population in Brampton was around 261,705, making roughly 44.3% of the total population.

Growth of Indian Community

The Indian community's growth in Brampton can be attributed to multiple factors. The Canadian Government's immigration-friendly policies, combined with the economic opportunities Ontario represents, have attracted Indian immigrants. Additionally, the existence of a well-settled Indian community has acted as a magnet, drawing more people from India who seek an environment that provides cultural familiarity and continuity.

Indian Communities and Neighbourhoods

A considerable number of Indian families and individuals in Brampton have come to call neighbourhoods like Springdale, Castlemore, and Gore Industrial their home. These neighbourhoods offer cultural amenities like Indian grocery stores, restaurants, and places of worship which strengthen the comfort and belongingness amongst the Indian community.

Cultural Influence

The influence of the Indian community is evident in Brampton’s cultural landscape. The city hosts several Indian cultural events and festivals, including Diwali and Lohri, which have become city-wide celebrations. Several Indian supermarkets, boutiques, and restaurants that cater to Indian tastes and preferences dot the city.


In conclusion, the city of Brampton features a significant Indian population, bringing a beautiful kaleidoscope of Indian culture, traditions, festivals, food, and art to the Canadian cityscape. Their active participation within Brampton's cultural, economic, and social life has added immeasurable value to the city’s diversity and richness. [Note: Since the most recent population data comes from the 2016 Census, it might not accurately reflect the current statistic. It is important to consider this when interpreting the figures.]