How Far Is Blue Mountain From Brampton

how far is blue mountain from brampton


As a popular destination for both tourists and locals alike, Blue Mountain Resort is renowned for its various recreational opportunities in Ontario, Canada. However, how far is it from Brampton, one of Ontario's bustling suburban cities? This article will delve into the distance, transportation options, and relevant information about traveling from Brampton to Blue Mountain.

Geographic Distance and Approximate Travel Time

Approximately 130 kilometers away, Blue Mountain Resort is located to the northwest of Brampton. The journey takes around 1.5 to 2 hours by car, depending on traffic, the specific route you choose, and the speed of travel. However, the actual travel duration could also change during winters due to road conditions.

Personal Vehicle Travel

If you are traveling by personal car, you have the choice of two primary routes. The first is via ON-401 W and ON-26 W, and the second is through ON-410 N and ON-10 N. Both of these routes offer scenic views of Ontario's countryside. It is important to note that traffic levels may fluctuate, and roadworks can occasionally result in detours or delays.

Public Transportation Options

Public transportation is available from Brampton to Blue Mountain, but it requires a combination of bus and train services. The journey starts with a bus to Yorkdale, then a subway to the Toronto Coach Terminal, where travelers can catch the Greyhound service directly to Blue Mountain. This journey can take upwards of 4 hours, but it offers a stress-free alternative to driving and allows you to enjoy the scenery along the way.

Taxis and Ride-share Services

Taxis and ride-shares are another method of reaching Blue Mountain from Brampton. This option typically costs more than public transportation but features a door-to-door service benefit. Advanced booking may be available through certain companies, allowing individuals or groups to secure their travel arrangements in advance.

Travel Packages and Tours

Numerous travel companies offer packages that include transportation to and from Blue Mountain from various locations, including Brampton. These packages often come bundled with other amenities like accommodation and activity passes at the resort. This option eliminates the need for personal navigation and could help enhance your vacation plan.


In conclusion, the distance between Brampton and Blue Mountain is fairly easy to navigate, with an array of transportation options to suit different preferences. Whether you're traveling for a leisurely vacation or an adventurous retreat, scheduling your trip and selecting the most convenient mode of transportation will aid in ensuring a stress-free journey. Whether the choice is to drive, take public transportation, hire a taxi, or join a tour group, the picturesque Blue Mountain Resort is conveniently accessible from Brampton.