How Many Indians Are In Brampton

how many indians are in brampton


Brampton, a city in Ontario, Canada, is often recognized for its growing multicultural population. An important part of this multicultural diversity is the large Indian diaspora who has made Brampton their home. According to the latest census data, Indians make up a significant portion of Brampton's population, contributing to its rich cultural mix and diversity. From contributing to Brampton's local businesses, flourishing arts, culture, and entertainment industry, to serving as an integral part of the local government, Indians have an indelible imprint on Brampton’s social fabric.

Demographical Overview

Canada is home to over 1.37 million Indians, making them one of the largest immigrant groups in the country. A significant number of these have chose to settle in Brampton due to its family-friendly neighbourhoods and ample job opportunities. Brampton’s Indian population primarily consists of first, second and third-generation immigrants, contributing to a multi-generational mix of individuals who blend their Indian roots with Canadian cultural nuances. The 2016 Canadian census reported that about 44.3% of Brampton's population is of South Asian heritage. Although this figure incorporates other South Asian nationalities like Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, the majority are Indians.

Indian Communities and Neighbourhoods

Brampton is home to several Indian communities, contributing to the diversity of the city. Areas like Springdale, Sandringham-Wellington, Bram East, and Castlemore, among others, are known for their strong Indian presence. These neighbourhoods also offer a taste of India – from local Indian shops, restaurants, places of worship- they hold a mini India in their heart.

Impact on the Local Economy

The Indian diaspora in Brampton significantly contributes to the local economy. From owning local businesses, practicing professions to being part of local supply chains – Indian Bramptonians are an integral part of the economic mosaic. Their entrepreneurial spirit has seen a rise in unique start-ups and small businesses, contributing to job creation and economic stimulation.

Influence on Local Culture

Indians have greatly influenced the local culture in Brampton. Events such as the Diwali festival, Holi, and Vaisakhi Parade have become integral to Brampton's cultural calendar, drawing participants from all ethnic backgrounds. Also, Bollywood music and dance forms have won over the hearts of Canadians across the city.


Brampton, now colloquially known as "Browntown," a nickname acquired due to its significant South Asian population, primarily Indians, reflects the city's cultural diversity. The Indian diaspora in Brampton continues to influence the city's culture, local economy, and lifestyle, fostering a rich multicultural environment that is quintessentially Canadian at heart. As the city continues to grow and evolve, the Indian influence remains prevalent, contributing to a dynamic and vibrant Brampton.