Why Is Toronto Called The Six

why is toronto called the six


Toronto, a bustling city in Canada, has an array of nicknames, creating an aura of mystery. Among all its pseudonyms, one that stands out particularly is 'The Six.' This relatively recent nickname has piqued the curiosity of visitors and locals alike, leading to questions about its origin and meaning.

Theories Behind 'The Six'

Several theories delve into why Toronto is referred to as 'The Six.' Let's explore each one in detail.

The Six Boroughs

One theory links to the year 1998, when Toronto amalgamated with five other municipalities - York, North York, Etobicoke, Scarborough, and East York. These boroughs combined with the Old City of Toronto implied a numeric representation, hence 'The Six.'

Area Code

Another prevalent theory is related to Toronto's original area code – 416, denoting the city's connection with 'The Six.' This theory stretches widely owing to the clear link between the city's telephone code and the nickname.

Two Rivers

A geographic explanation suggests that the nickname 'The Six' results from the two rivers, the Don and Humber, that flow across the Toronto area and split into six distinct streams.

The Hip-Hop Connection

This nickname gained popularity in media and music when Toronto's homegrown rapper, Drake, used 'The Six' in his album, putting Toronto on the global hip-hop map. The theories connected to the six boroughs and the 416 area code inspired him.

The Connotation of 'The Six'

Despite its simplicity, 'The Six' is a term that embodies Toronto's diversity and dynamism. From the vibrant boroughs to the rhythmic beats of its music scene, 'The Six' symbolizes a city that has a rich history and a thriving contemporary culture.


Toronto, known as 'The Six,' portrays a city proud of its urban, cultural, and historic roots. Regardless of the real cause behind its nickname, Toronto's spirit is encapsulated in 'The Six,' offering a snapshot of its multicultural, hip, and inviting nature to the world. While the nickname's origins are a matter of speculation, it's evident that 'The Six' represents more than just a numeric label. It signifies the heartbeat of a city that embraces its past whilst standing at the forefront of modernity and diversity. This is Toronto, or as Drake and many others affectionately call it, 'The Six.'