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Where to Exchange Currency in Neepawa

Currency exchange in Neepawa is limit to banks or credit unions, kiosks and dealers. Shopping around for currency exchange service if the exchange amount is over $500 Canadain for most customers. Make sure to compare rate at the same time, ask fee structure beside exchange and inquire about time frame to settle the fund.

 Currency Exchange with Banks in Neepawa

Usually banks do not keep foreign currency banknotes in stock, customers have to order with banks and wait for 3 - 5 business days to pick up. In addition, when you sell your foreign banknotes to local banks, banks may not pay you immediately, banks need to send your banknotes to their back office to vertify.

 Currency Exchagne at Airport in Neepawa

Currency exchange kiosk in airport target customers who are looking for convenient service, small amount exchange. Usually the fee or the rate are not favourable for customers.

 Currency Exchagne at Neepawa Hotels

The general rule is the more convenient location, the less favourable rate and higer fees.

 Currency Exchange with Dealers in Neepawa

There are a few currency exchange dealers in Neepawa. Different companies have different specilities, some focus on cash exchagne, some others conduct currency exchange by wire transfer. When you comapre the rates, please try to get quote witnin 30 minutes, becasue currency exchange rates are constantly changeing, also ask the fees they charge beside exchange.

How to Get the Best Exchange Rate in Neepawa

Each currency exchange dealers, which include banks, credit unions and other dealers, offer similar but different rate. The difference is getting more significantly, when the exchange amount is getter larger, such as over $10,000 Canadian dollar. Shop around is still the best way to get the best currency exchange rate. Please make sure when you compare the rate, ask when the money will be available, what is other fees. The general idea is the more convenient locaiton, the worse rate applied.

About Neepawa

Neepawa is a town in Manitoba, Canada located on the Yellowhead Highway at the intersection with Highway 5. As of 2016 its population was 4,609.[1] Neepawa was incorporated as a town in 1883. It is bordered by the Municipality of North Cypress – Langford and Rural Municipality of Rosedale. Neepawa is the self-proclaimed Lily capital of the world in part because of its Lily Festival.[2] The town has also been named "Manitoba's Most Beautiful Town", more than any other community in the province.

History of Neepawa

In the many years before European settlement, the lands around Neepawa were primarily used by the Cree and the Assiniboine. Native peoples in the area followed a regular cycle by following the Plains Bison to take shelter in the areas north of Neepawa in the winter, and then heading south again across the plains and beyond Neepawa in the summer.[4] The town name of Neepawa comes from the Cree word for "Land of Plenty", the name was first used around 1873.[5] Prior to settlement, the only Europeans in the area were primarily fur traders, many people made their way through the area on the North Fort Ellice Trail which went from the Red River to Edmonton.[4] It was on this trail that a group of settlers from Listowel, Ontario eventually decided to settle in 1877, where the Stony and Boggy creeks meet.[4]The Neepawa area was in what was then known as "The Northwest Territories", just to the west of the 1870 boundary of Manitoba. During the next 30 years, many settlers came to live in the area. The first settlers were from the British Isles. Eastern European settlers also came from countries such as Poland and Hungary and built the Hun Valley Settlement near Neepawa.[5] Neepawa only joined Manitoba when the western edge of the then "postage stamp province" was expanded to its present western borders in 1881.[5]John A. Davidson and Jonathon J. Hamilton arrived in the town in 1880, they were the first real business men of the town buying land and surveying them into lots.[4] In 1881 John Hamilton and John Davidson built a store and a grist mill near the junction of Boggy and Stoney Creeks. Like many western Manitoba towns at the time, Neepawa eagerly await the arrival of the railway in the 1880s. Sometime after the railway reached Gladstone, Manitoba in 1882, Davidson and Hamilton offered the Manitoba and Northwestern Railway (which was leased to CPR) a land grant and a financial bonus of $16,000 to construct their line within the town limits and the railway agreed to build their station within Neepawa.[4]Soon a village grew and on the 23 of September, 1883 the town of Neepawa was incorporated.[6] Dr. David Harrison who owned a private bank in Neepawa was elected Premier of Manitoba in 1887.[7] Neepawa's first hospital was completed in 1904 and had the capacity for 20 patients. The hospital included a nursing school. Neepawa's first school opened in 1881. It was a three-story building finally completed in 1898 and used until 1928. The Neepawa Salt Company mined salt here from 1932 until 1970.[8]Author Margaret Laurence wrote several books through the 1960s and 1970s, depicting the town under the name of Manawaka. On May 12, 2010 Neepawa was the host of Manitoba's 140th birthday party. The town was chosen as the site of the festivities as a result of winning a contest within the province.

Neepawa Geography

Neepawa lies on the Manitoba Escarpment, the rolling hills around Neepawa are typical of the escarpment. Neepawa lies within the Canadian Prairies, the region around Neepawa is defined as Aspen parkland. Although Neepawa is part of the prairies the area to the north is heavily forested parkland. Riding Mountain National Park and Duck Mountain Provincial Park lie to the north, are part of this parkland, and are also an extension of the escarpment. The boreal forest which extends all the way across Canada, is also found to the north of Neepawa. Spruce Woods Provincial Park is located about 60 km south of the town. Neepawa lies at the source of the Whitemud River, it is also about 40 km east of the Little Saskatchewan River, a tributary of the Assiniboine River which is 60 km south of the town. The town is also about 60 km west of Lake Manitoba, one of the largest lakes in Manitoba.