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Currency Exchange Grand-Rapids - FAQ

Currency exchange in Grand-Rapids is limit to banks or credit unions, kiosks and dealers. Shopping around for currency exchange service if the exchange amount is over $500 Canadain for most customers. Make sure to compare rate at the same time, ask fee structure beside exchange and inquire about time frame to settle the fund.

Each currency exchange dealers, which include banks, credit unions and other dealers, offer similar but different rate. The difference is getting more significantly, when the exchange amount is getter larger, such as over $10,000 Canadian dollar. Shop around is still the best way to get the best currency exchange rate. Please make sure when you compare the rate, ask when the money will be available, what is other fees. The general idea is the more convenient locaiton, the worse rate applied.

Grand Rapids is a town in Manitoba, Canada located on the northwestern shore of Lake Winnipeg where the Saskatchewan River enters the lake. As the name implies, the river had a significant drop at this point (more than 75 ft (23 m) in less than 3 mi (4.8 km)). In modern days, a large hydro electric generating plant has been built. Cedar Lake, just a short distance up the river provides a natural water storage for this plant. Provincial Trunk Highway 6, the primary roadway in the region, crosses the Saskatchewan River at the Grand Rapids bridge.Grand Rapids was on the main canoe route toward the west. Fort Bourbon stood here at one time. It also sits across the river from Misipawistik Cree Nation.In 1894 fire destroyed a number of buildings in the Grand Rapids docks. The steamboat Colvile also caught fire and was destroyed.[2]

The first Fort Bourbon was built here in 1741 but was soon moved.[3] Grand Rapids was the only significant obstacle on the Saskatchewan-North Saskatchewan between the Rocky Mountains and Lake Winnipeg. Going downstream the rapids were usually run demi-chargé using the south channel. Upstream the boats were pulled by towlines. In the 1780s the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) began to use York boats on the river. A log road was constructed so that these large boats could be hauled on rollers. Here in June 1819, in retaliation for the Battle of Seven Oaks HBC governor William Williams captured a number of North West Company men. The next year the Nor'Westers captured some HBC men at the same spot. See Pemmican War[3]In the 1870s the railroad reached Lake Winnipeg and steamboats appeared on the lake and river. In 1877 a 3 mi (4.8 km) long narrow-gauge railway using horse-drawn tramcars was built around the rapids. The spread of railways made the tramway obsolete and the HBC closed it in 1909. It was used for tourist excursions for the next forty years.[3] By the 1980s remains were still visible and parts of the trail were still in use.