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Where to Exchange Currency in Gillam

Currency exchange in Gillam is limit to banks or credit unions, kiosks and dealers. Shopping around for currency exchange service if the exchange amount is over $500 Canadain for most customers. Make sure to compare rate at the same time, ask fee structure beside exchange and inquire about time frame to settle the fund.

 Currency Exchange with Banks in Gillam

Usually banks do not keep foreign currency banknotes in stock, customers have to order with banks and wait for 3 - 5 business days to pick up. In addition, when you sell your foreign banknotes to local banks, banks may not pay you immediately, banks need to send your banknotes to their back office to vertify.

 Currency Exchagne at Airport in Gillam

Currency exchange kiosk in airport target customers who are looking for convenient service, small amount exchange. Usually the fee or the rate are not favourable for customers.

 Currency Exchagne at Gillam Hotels

The general rule is the more convenient location, the less favourable rate and higer fees.

 Currency Exchange with Dealers in Gillam

There are a few currency exchange dealers in Gillam. Different companies have different specilities, some focus on cash exchagne, some others conduct currency exchange by wire transfer. When you comapre the rates, please try to get quote witnin 30 minutes, becasue currency exchange rates are constantly changeing, also ask the fees they charge beside exchange.

How to Get the Best Exchange Rate in Gillam

Each currency exchange dealers, which include banks, credit unions and other dealers, offer similar but different rate. The difference is getting more significantly, when the exchange amount is getter larger, such as over $10,000 Canadian dollar. Shop around is still the best way to get the best currency exchange rate. Please make sure when you compare the rate, ask when the money will be available, what is other fees. The general idea is the more convenient locaiton, the worse rate applied.

About Gillam

Gillam is a town on the Nelson River in northern Manitoba, Canada. It is situated between Thompson and Churchill on the Hudson Bay Railway line. Many residents of Gillam are employed by Manitoba Hydro at three of Manitoba's largest hydro dams—Kettle Generating Station, Long Spruce Generating Station, and Limestone Generating Station— located within Gillam's boundaries.

History of Gillam

The large Gillam Local Government District (56°27′30″N 94°12′30″W) was established by the Manitoba government in the mid-1960s to facilitate development of hydroelectricity on the lower Nelson River. At 1,996.346 square kilometres (770.793 sq mi), Gillam is considered to be the 9th largest city or town in Canada by area, although the majority of the encompassing area of the District is largely uninhabited and undeveloped, but filled with many lakes, rivers and large forests of pine trees. It is the largest town in Manitoba, and one of four extremely large "towns" (the other three are Leaf Rapids, Snow Lake, and Lynn Lake) in northern Manitoba that, although technically towns, are mostly rural and are the size of most typical counties in the United States or eastern Canada.[3]Gillam is also the home of Fox Lake Cree Nation, a First Nations Band. A majority of the members of Fox Lake Cree Nation live in the Town of Gillam or on Reserve Land in the nearby community of Bird, which is also located within the Gillam Local Government District. The ghost town of Sundance whose purpose was to facilitate the building of the Limestone Generating Station, is also within the District of Gillam. Once a busy, fully functioning town, it has since been abandoned and torn down after the completion of Limestone (named for the Limestone River that empties into the Nelson just downstream of the dam).

Gillam Today

In the 2016 Census, Statistics Canada the Town of Gillam had a population of 1,265 living in 436 of its 586 total dwellings, a -5.0% change from its 2011 population of 1,332.[1][2] The population of Gillam is expected to double to triple within the next 5–10 years, due to several proposed hydroelectric projects in the area.