When Was Vaughan Mills Built

when was vaughan mills built


Vaughan Mills, widely known as one of the most popular shopping destinations in Canada, offers an experience that transcends the traditional notion of a shopping mall. This retail complex, located in Vaughan, Ontario, mingles entertainment, dining, and retail therapy in a unique, innovative, and architecturally stunning space. But when was this mammoth retail hub built? To trace the origin of Vaughan Mills, one needs to delve into the early 2000s.

The Birth of Vaughan Mills: The Early 2000s

The construction of Vaughan Mills started in the early 2000s. The project was undertaken by Ivanhoé Cambridge, a recognized name in the global property industry. The idea was to curate an extensive shopping centre that would revolutionize the retail landscape of Vaughan City. The development of Vaughan Mills was sufficiently large-scale that it required a massive plot of 200 acres.

The Official Launch: November 2004

After several months of meticulous construction, the retail complex was completed and ready for its official inauguration. Vaughan Mills opened its doors to the public on November 4, 2004. The mall's debut was enthusiastically received by the residents of Vaughan, elevating the city's retail offerings to a whole new level.

Architectural and Design Splendour

The construction of Vaughan Mills was a confluence of architectural prowess and visionary design. The mall's design was orchestrated by the prestigious JPRA Architects. Their blueprint for Vaughan Mills incorporated an innovative 'race track' layout, allowing for smooth shopper circulation within the mall. Its architectural prowess emanated not just from its interior design, but its exterior as well. The facade, designed to blend with the surrounding environment, is a testament to the craftsmanship of those involved in its construction.

Expansion and Growth: Over the Years

Vaughan Mills has continually grown and evolved. In 2014, a decade after its launch, a significant expansion worth $87 million took place. This expansion increased the retail space by 14% and introduced a modern entertainment wing complete with newer dining options and exciting entertainment facilities. Since its establishment, Vaughan Mills has not only aided in channelling significant retail traffic but it has also catalyzed economic growth and development in the city. Today, it stands as a paragon of retail and lifestyle in Vaughan.


In retrospect, the construction of Vaughan Mills was a decisive step in putting Vaughan on the retail map. From an architectural marvel whose construction began in the early 2000s to a landmark retail complex that opened its doors in 2004, Vaughan Mills has continually evolved, keeping pace with changing retail trends over the years. It's no surprise that this shopping complex continues to command attention not only for its retail offerings but also for the unique shopping experience it provides.