How To Get To Vaughan Mills Mall By Ttc

how to get to vaughan mills mall by ttc

Getting to Vaughan Mills Mall by TTC: An In-Depth Guide

Nestled in the heart of Vaughan, one of the most vibrant cities in the Greater Toronto Area, lies Vaughan Mills Mall, a shopping haven that hosts hundreds of retail outlets, eateries, and amusement points. This unique shopping destination bustles with locals and tourists alike, offering a blend of high-end and budget-friendly shopping options. However, getting there by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) can be a challenge for many. This guide outlines the most efficient routes to navigate your way to Vaughan Mills Mall using TTC's extensive transport network.

Option1 - Getting There With TTC Bus Number 96

The TTC 96 bus is one of the most straightforward options for reaching Vaughan Mills Mall. If you are coming from downtown Toronto, you can catch the bus at the Wilson Subway Station on Line 1, the Yonge-University line. This bus runs on a frequent schedule, with intervals of approximately 20 minutes during peak hours. The journey takes 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on traffic conditions and the time of day. The bus stops right outside the mall, making it a convenient option for shoppers.

Option2 - Via The Subway And YRT Bus Transfer

Another efficient way to get to Vaughan Mills Mall by TTC is by combining a subway trip with a York Region Transit (YRT) bus ride. If traveling from downtown Toronto, take the TTC subway Line 1 to Vaughan Metropolitan Centre. Once you alight at Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station, look for the YRT bus number 20, which takes you directly to Vaughan Mills. The combined journey usually takes about 90 minutes and offers a seamless transfer from TTC to YRT.

Option3 - TTC's 106 Bus From York University

If you happen to be at York University, you can use TTC's 106 bus route to get to Vaughan Mills Mall. It is a popular route among students and anyone located in the University vicinity. The bus route starts from the Downsview Park station, heads to York University, and then further on to Vaughan Mills. The journey takes about an hour, but it can take longer during peak travel times. Remember to check the TTC schedule, as the frequency decreases in off-peak hours.

Option4 - Travelling From Finch Subway Station

From Finch subway station, which is the terminal station of TTC’s Line 1, you can take the Go Transit's Route 760 bus directly to Vaughan Mills Mall. This choice is often overlooked because it is not a TTC service, but the convenience it offers makes it worth considering. The transit is seamless with the Go Transit bus platform located right beside the Finch station. The total journey time is approximately 1 to 1.5 hours, subject to traffic.

Regardless of the option you pick, getting to Vaughan Mills Mall by TTC is practical and cost-efficient. It's all about picking the route that matches your starting point and schedule. Make sure you plan your journey ahead of time and check the bus schedules to avoid any inconveniences. It's also wise to stay updated with any transit changes via the official TTC website or mobile app. Happy shopping!