What To Do In Burlington

what to do in burlington


Welcome to Burlington, an invigorating city nestled on the eastern shoreline of Lake Champlain, famed for its vibrantly colored sunsets, picturesque landscapes, and an abundant arts and culture scene. Our exploration knows no bounds as we delve deep into the myriad of engaging activities that stimulate the mind and soul. Whether you're an adventurous spirit, fervent foodie, or an ardent appreciator of arts and culture, Burlington is waiting to surprise you with the wealth of experiences it offers.

Uncover the Rich Cultural Scene at Church Street Marketplace

Step into Burlington's beating heart - the Church Street Marketplace. An atmospheric open-air mall teeming with a montage of head-turning architecture, exclusive local businesses, mouth-watering dining options, and live entertainment. With every twist and turn, you can uncover a fascinating facet of Burlington's unique cultural tapestry.

Experience Breathtaking Beauty at Lake Champlain

Burlington's prized natural jewel, Lake Champlain, offers endless possibilities for outdoor fun. Enjoy the serene beauty while engaging in kayaking, swimming, or just biking along its scenic paths. Summertime sails or winter's icy expanse- Lake Champlain has a charming appeal all year round.

Comfort Food and Craft Breweries

Few places can satisfy your taste buds like Burlington. Known for its farm-to-table ethos, visitors can dig into wholesome food sourced directly from the local farms. For the craft-beer enthusiasts, Burlington is a paradise with an impressive array of breweries offering flavorful pints of everyone's favorite brew.

Art, Music, and Performances

Burlington's art scene is a vibrant mix of contemporary and traditional accents. Visit Burlington's City Arts for intriguing art installations or tune into live performances at Radio Bean. The city's music scene, helmed by events like Burlington Discover Jazz Festival, rivals that of cities many times its size.

Escape to Nature at Burlington Bike Path

For nature lovers, nothing beats a cycle ride or a comforting stroll on the Burlington Bike Path. This scenic path along the waterfront of Lake Champlain offers stunning views and a much-needed escape from city life. It's an experience that encapsulates the irresistible charm of Burlington's environment.

Shop Local at Burlington Farmers' Market

A Saturday institution you absolutely cannot miss is the Burlington Farmers' Market. Amidst the hustle, you will find seasonal, freshest produce, artisanal cheese, handmade crafts, and an exciting food cart scene. It's a symphony of sight, sound, taste, and smell - a true Burlington experience.

Historical Museums and Heritage

Brush up on Burlington's rich history and cultural heritage at the city's premier museums. From exploring Vermont's maritime history at Lake Champlain Maritime Museum to studying the city's past at Ethan Allen Homestead Museum, add a dose of knowledge to your Burlington tour.


From the sheer vibrancy of its street culture to the tranquil allure of its nature paths, from its creative culinary scene to remarkable historical museums, Burlington is a city that defies the norms of ordinary. It captivates and excites, offering a myriad of experiences that suit every interest, every mood, and every season. Don't just visit - live the Burlington experience. Welcome to your adventure.