How Far Is Burlington From Toronto

how far is burlington from toronto


Located in the heart of Southern Ontario, Burlington is a city that possesses an irresistible charm, bolstered by its beautiful natural sights, thriving economy, and vibrant culture. One of the most frequently asked questions by visitors and those considering relocating to Burlington is "how far is Burlington from Toronto?" This article is devoted to answering that question thoroughly, considering various modes of transportation, traffic conditions, and even some interesting stops along the route.

Geographical Location

Burlington is positioned along the western end of Lake Ontario, located conveniently between Toronto and Hamilton. The exact distance from Burlington to Toronto can vary slightly based on the starting point and the route chosen. As the crow flies, it's approximately 50 kilometers (31 miles). However, if you're driving, the distance is often longer due to the specifics of the road paths.

Driving from Toronto to Burlington

If you're traveling by car, the distance from Toronto to Burlington ranges from about 60 to 70 kilometers (37 to 43.5 miles), depending on the route taken. The quickest and most straightforward route is typically to take the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW), which takes you directly to Burlington. Without traffic, this journey usually takes around 40-45 minutes. However, during peak travel times, it could take an hour or even longer.

Public Transportation from Toronto to Burlington

If you prefer public transport, several options are available. One of the most efficient choices is using the GO Transit system's train or bus services. A train trip from Toronto's Union Station to Burlington can take approximately one hour, while the equivalent bus journey might take a bit longer, dependent on the time of day and traffic conditions. GO Transit's services are reliable and convenient, providing a hassle-free transit option between the two cities.

Toronto to Burlington by Bike

For the more adventurous and physically inclined, cycling from Toronto to Burlington is a viable option thanks to dedicated cycling routes. A popular cycling route is the Waterfront Trail, a scenic path that stretches along Lake Ontario. This trip is approximately 70 kilometers long and might take 3 to 5 hours to complete, depending on your pace. It's notably an eco-friendly way to travel, but it also offers an excellent opportunity to experience the beautiful sights of Southern Ontario.

Air Travel from Toronto to Burlington

While there is no direct commercial flight service between Toronto and Burlington due to their proximity, chartering a private flight is an option for those seeking a quick trip and have the means. The flight duration would likely be less than 30 minutes, given the straight-line distance between the two cities. However, considering the preparation needed for such flights and cost, this option might not be the most practical for many travelers.

Points of Interest Along the Way

Traveling between Toronto and Burlington, whether by car, public transport, or bike, presents opportunities to see several points of interest. These include the Royal Botanical Gardens, one of the largest botanical gardens in Canada, located near Burlington. In addition, you might glimpse landmarks like the CN Tower or enjoy views of Lake Ontario during your journey.


In summary, the distance from Burlington to Toronto varies based on the mode of transportation, the specific route chosen, and traffic conditions. Despite this, the journey provides an opportunity to experience some of the region's best scenery and some noteworthy points of interest. Truly, Burlington's relatively close proximity to Toronto is part of its appeal, offering the charm of a smaller city with easy access to the bustling metropolis.