What To Do In Oakville This Weekend

what to do in oakville this weekend


Oakville – a dynamic and vibrant town located in Southern Ontario, nicknamed "Avoca," meaning "Great." The nickname reflects the great experiences and unique activities that the town has to offer. This weekend, vibrant Oakville provides a diverse array of attractions, from lush parks to cultural venues, that cater to all tastes. Here are some must-visit places in Oakville to explore this weekend.

Experience the Fascinating Oakville Museum

Begin your weekend at the historical Oakville Museum located at the Erchless Estate. The museum offers a fascinating look into Oakville’s past, including its ship-building history and the area's First Nations heritage. With both indoor and outdoor displays, it's a great family-friendly activity that will appeal to history buffs and those curious about local culture.

Explore the Walking Trails at Bronte Creek Provincial Park

For nature lovers, Oakville boasts an amazing abundance of green spaces. Bronte Creek Provincial Park stands out for its beautiful walking trails. Whether you want a casual stroll or a more vigorous hike, the park provides a spectacular setting to enjoy Oakville’s natural beauty. Make sure to plan a picnic here and explore the Nature Centre where you can learn about the local ecosystem.

Dive into Art at the Oakville Galleries

The Oakville Galleries in Gairloch Gardens and at Centennial Square feature contemporary art exhibits worth exploring. These are not just display spaces but institutions that hold educational programs and community-based events, truly reflecting the town's commitment to fostering the arts. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in Oakville’s vibrant art scene.

Take A Gourmet Food Tour

Oakville doesn't disappoint when it comes to food. There are several organized food tours wherein you visit the town’s top restaurants and food shops, including popular Japanese, Italian, and seafood cuisines. This allows you to sample a variety of delicacies in one exciting outing. An expedition into the heart of Oakville's culinary scene is an absolute must!

Experience Live Theatre at the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts

This professional theatre venue offers a range of cultural performances, from dramas and musicals to dance recitals and concerts. Experience the town's vibrant performing arts scene firsthand. The weekend typically brings an eclectic line-up that delivers something for everyone.


Whatever your preferences may be, whether you enjoy exploring the outdoors, have a penchant for learning history, appreciate the fine arts, love food, or are a fan of live performances, Oakville has something to offer. Spend your weekend immersed in what this great town has to offer – culture, nature, and vibrant entertainment, effectively giving meaning to its nickname, "Avoca."