What To Do In Markham Today

what to do in markham today

Discovering Markham: Captivating Things to Do Today

Considered one of Canada’s most populous and diverse communities, Markham is known for its rich heritage, bustling commerce, and vibrant cultural scene. Formally acclaimed as Canada's "High-Tech Capital", Markham provides an optimal blend of business cities and scenic getaways.

Exploring Markham Museum

Start your journey by delving into the city's historical roots at the Markham Museum. Exhibiting over 20 historic buildings in an open-air setting, the museum showcases the evolution of Markham from a rural village into a modern city. Here, you can explore exhibits on brewing and blacksmithing, 19th-century homes, a church, a school, and even a train station.

Dining at Historic Main Street Unionville

Reward your palate in Historic Main Street Unionville. This Markham jewel offers a plethora of delectable eateries offering a variety of cuisine, ranging from local favourites to exotic international delicacies. As well, enjoy the charming atmosphere provided by its preserved heritage buildings, brimming galleries, and boutique shops.

Reconnecting with Nature at Rouge National Urban Park

Discover the beauty of Canadian wilderness at its best at Rouge National Urban Park. This urban treasure is North America’s largest and protects thousands of species of flora and fauna. Opportunities abound for hiking, bird-watching, trekking, or simply reconnecting with nature.

Marvel at Markham's Artistic Spirit: Varley Art Gallery

Get a taste of Markham's artistic charm at the Varley Art Gallery. Named after Group of Seven member Frederick Varley, this gallery boasts an impressive collection of local and national contemporary and historical artists. It's a perfect spot to awaken your aesthetic sense.

Relish Exotic Flavours at Pacific Mall

For a truly global experience, visit Pacific Mall, the largest Asian indoor mall in North America. Uncover a variety of Asian cuisines, fashion, tech devices, and unique trinkets. This trip is an adventure in itself, presenting you with a piece of Asia in the heart of Markham.

Get Immersed in Markham's Tech Scene

No visit to Markham is complete without immersing yourself in its high-tech aura. You can visit IBM Innovation Space, explore VentureLab, or book a guided tour of one of many tech headquarters in the area such as AMD, Avaya, or Honeywell.

Experience Thrill at Markham's Pan Am Centre

Unleash the sports enthusiast in you at the Markham Pan Am Centre, one of the 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Games venues. Here, you can experience a wide of range of sports activities such as swimming, table tennis, badminton, or simply marvel at the architecture of the Centre.

Embrace the Tranquility at the Milne Dam Conservation Park

End your Markham journey at the tranquil Milne Dam Conservation Park. It provides a unique balance of cultural and environmental beauty, home to a scenic dam and a range of species. The trails here offer an idyllic setting for a walk along the Rouge River as the city hums in the backdrop.

From appreciating nature’s splendour, delighting in culinary pleasures, immersing oneself in local history to diving into a high-tech world, Markham offers an experience steeped in richness and diversity. No matter what your interest might be, Markham has something to cater to it, making it an attractive place to visit for today's discerning traveler.