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# Code Name Trade
1 USD United State Dollar Buy USD and Sell USD
2 EUR Euro Dollar Buy EUR and Sell EUR
3 JPY Japanese Yen Buy JPY and Sell JPY
4 MXN Mexican Peso Buy MXN and Sell MXN
5 GBP Great British Pound Buy GBP and Sell GBP
6 ARS Argentina Peso Sell ARS only
7 AUD Australian Dollar Buy AUD and Sell AUD
8 BBD Barbados Dollar Buy BBD and Sell BBD
9 BDT Bangladeshi Taka Sell BDT only
10 BGN Bulgaria Lev Buy BGN and Sell BGN
11 BHD Bahraini Dinar Buy BHD and Sell BHD but No Same Rate Back Back
12 BMD Bermuda Dollars Sell BMD only
13 BOB Bolivian Boliviano Sell BOB only
14 BRL Brazilian Real Buy BRL and Sell BRL
15 BSD Bahamian Dollar Buy BSD and Sell BSD
16 BZD Belize Dollar Buy BZD and Sell BZD
17 KYD Cayman Dollar Buy KYD and Sell KYD
18 CLP Chilean Peso Buy CLP and Sell CLP
19 CNY Chinese Yuan Buy CNY and Sell CNY
20 CHF Swiss Franc Buy CHF and Sell CHF
21 COP Colombian Peso Buy COP and Sell COP but No same rate buy back
22 HRK Croatia Kuna Buy HRK and Sell HRK
23 CZK Czech Koruna Buy CZK and Sell CZK
24 CRC Costa Rican Colon Buy CRC and Sell CRC
25 DKK Danish Kroners Buy DKK and Sell DKK
26 DOP Dominican R. Peso Buy DOP and Sell DOP
27 XCD East Caribbean Dollar Buy XCD and Sell XCD
28 EGP Egyptian Pound Sell EGP only
29 FJD Fiji Dollar Buy FJD and Sell FJD
30 GTQ Guatemalan Quetzal Buy GTQ and Sell GTQ
31 HKD Hong Kong Dollar Buy HKD and SelL HKD
32 HNL Honduran Lempira Buy HNL and Sell HNL
33 HUF Hungarian Forint Buy HNL and Sell HNL
34 IDR Indonesian Rupiah Buy IDR and Sell IDR
35 ILS Israeli New Shekel Buy ILS and Sell ILS
36 INR Indian Rupee Sell INR only
37 IQD Iraqi Dinar Buy IQD and Sell IQD
38 ISK Iceland Krona Buy ISK and Sell ISK
39 JMD Jamaican Dollars Buy JMD and Sell JMD
40 JOD Jordanian Dinar Buy JOD and Sell JOD
41 KES Kenyan Shillings Buy KES and Sell KES
42 KWD Kuwaiti Dinar Buy KWD and Sell KWD
44 LBP Lebanese Pound Buy LBP and Sell LBP
45 LKR Sri Lankan Rupee Buy LKR and Sell LKR
46 LTL Lithuanian Litas Buy LTL and Sell LTL
47 LVLLatvian Lats Buy and Sell
48 MADMoroccan Dirham Buy LVL and Sell LVL
49 MYR Malaysian Ringgit Buy MYR and Sell MYR
50 NIONicaraguan Cordoba Buy NIO and Sell NIO
51 NOKNorwegian Kroners Buy NOK and Sell NOK
52 NPR Nepalese Rupee Buy NPR and Sell NPR but No same rate buy back
53 NZD New Zealand Dollar Buy NZD and Sell NZD
54 OMR Omani Rial Buy OMR and Sell OMR but No same rate buy back
55 PENPeruvian Nuevo Sol Buy PEN and Sell PEN
56 PHPPhilippine Pesos Buy PHP and Sell PHP
57 PLNPolish Zloty Buy PLN and Sell PLN
58 PKRPakistan Rupees Sell PKR only
59 PYGParaguay Guarani Buy PYG and Sell PYG
60 QARQatari Rial Sell QAR only
61 RONRomanian New Leu Buy RON and Sell RON
62 RUBRussian Ruble Buy RUB and Sell RUB but No same rate buy back
63 SARSaudi Riyal Buy SAR and Sell SAR but No same rate buy back
64 SEKSwedish Kroner Buy SEK and Sell SEK
65 SGDSingapore Dollar Buy SGD and Sell SGD
66 ZARSouth African Rand Buy ZAR and Sell ZAR
67 KRWSouth Korean Won Buy KRW and Sell KRW
69 XPFTahiti CFP Franc Buy XPF and Sell XPF
70 THBThai Baht Buy THB and Sell THB
71 TNDTunisian Dinar Sell TND only
72 TRYTurkey Lira Buy TRY and Sell TRY
73 TTDTrinidad Dollars Sell TTD only
74 TWDTaiwan Dollar Buy TWD and Sell TWD
75 TZSTanzanian Shilling Buy TZS and Sell TZS
76 AEDU.A.E. Dirham Buy AED and Sell AED
77 UAHUkrainian Hryvnia Not Buy UAH and Not Sell UAH
78 UYUUruguayan Peso Sell UYU only
79 VNDVietnam Dong Buy VND and Sell VND

What is a currency converter?

Currency Mart's online currency converter is a quick and easy way to view real-time Currency Mart's exchange rates at the click of a button. Exchange rates are constantly changing, and our real-time currency converter will be updated accordingly, making it an ideal tool to monitor the market exchange rate of any given currency. Just select the currency pair you want to view, and our built-in market exchange rate calculator will provide you with its latest market value. A currency converter is software code that is designed to convert one currency into another in order to check its corresponding value. The code is generally a part of a web site or it forms a mobile app and it is based on Currency Mart's live foreign exchagne rates. In order to convert one currency into another, a user enters an amount of money (e.g. '1000') and chooses the currency he/she wishes to check the monetary value of (e.g. 'United States Dollar'). After that, the user selects one, or sometimes several other currencies, he/she would like to see the result in. The application software then calculates and displays the corresponding amount of money.

What are the rates the currency converer use?

This currency converter is based on Currency Mart's Winnipeg St.vital branch and rates are real time and are updated every 5 minutes.

How to use currency converter

Selecting what is the currency you have on hand now and then selecting the currency you would like to convert to. Click the convert button to get most recent rates.

How to interpret converter results?

US dollar comes with 2 rates. Walk in rate is used when customer pay or receive US dollar by cash.

US noncash rate apply if customers pay or receive US dollar by financial instruments, such as cheque, wire, or EFT.

Currencies other than US dollar has a preorder rate, which applied when customers purchae foreign currencies from us and give us 3 days notice before pick up.

How to understand currency exchange rate?

Each currency comes with two currency exchange rates, either Currency Mart buys from customers or Currency Mart sells to customers. Click two blue buttons, "Currency Mart Buys In" or "Currency Mart Sells Out", to switch buy in or sell out rates. Each currency exchange rate comes with two expressions, either $1 foreign currency = $$$ local currency or $1 local currency = $$$ foreign currency. These two expressions descripe the same rate in two ways, but the effect rate remains the same. How to convert these two expressions to each other? 1 / rate in one expression = rate in another expression.